Kano Patriotic Forum condemns Child abduction, forceful conversion of Muslim children to Christianity

Kano Patriotic Development Forum (KPDF) has condemned in the strongest terms the current trend of child abduction and trafficking going on in the country, especially in the northern part.


The forum alleged that Children of northern origin were being abducted and taken to different parts of the country as witnessed recently in Sokoto and Kano states.


On the 14th of May 2024, a distressing incident unfolded as seven children were abducted from Sokoto state and transported to Abuja and Jos. This heinous act involved the victims being not only forcibly separated from their families but also subjected them to various forms of exploitation which included physical torture, psychological hardships, and abuse.


The Seven Children abducted, some of whom were reportedly sold, while others were coerced into changing their religion and attending church services, had their identities altered as part of the perpetrators’ sinister agenda. The vulnerable young victims included even a breastfeeding infant who can’t mention his name.


According to a viral video and eyewitness accounts, the children were taken away from their school in Sokoto after being sent home for non-payment of PTA fees. A man named Bala, who claimed to be the father of one of the children, deceived their grandmother into transferring them to a new school, where they were then taken to Abuja and Jos.


Upon investigation, it was revealed that the children were lured away under false pretenses, with some being sold while others were forced into adopting a new identity, including name changes and religious conversion. Shockingly, they were compelled to attend church services against their will.


One of the victims, known as Hasana but renamed Faith, revealed in an interview that a man named Bala, posing as the father of one of the children, convinced their grandmother to change their school, setting the stage for the abduction. The exploitation began under the pretext of enrolling the children in a more affordable school after they were sent home for failing to pay PTA fees.


Following their abduction to Abuja and subsequently to Jos, the children were separated, with Hasana’s sister Hafsat, now called Esther, taken to a different location. In Jos, the children were not only subjected to forced name changes but also compelled to attend church services against their will.


In a courageous move, Hasana (Faith) bravely traced the location where her sister Hafsat (Esther) is, who disclosed the abuse she suffered at the hands of the abductors, including instances of physical torture leaving visible marks on her body as earlier said.


The Forum in a release signed by its Public Relations Officer,Mohammed Shehu Lamido, commended the exceptional efforts of the law enforcement agencies, particularly the Police and the DSS, for swift and diligent work in identifying and rescuing the stolen children.


The efforts of the security agencies led to the successful recovery of the children and with prompt action ensured the children’s safety at a residence in Otako Village while awaiting the prosecution of the suspects involved.


The forum said”The Kano Patriotic Development Forum (KPDF) as a concerned body condemns this act and strongly warns the perpetrators and their allies from the Christian faith to desist from such acts, which are capable of causing inter-faith disputes and social disorders. Such actions go against the principles of peace, love, and respect that are fundamental to all religions. We urge all parties to promote tolerance, understanding, and coexistence, and to work together to prevent such atrocities from happening again.


“It is disheartening to note that the traditional media has chosen to ignore this story as if the victims are not human beings worthy of attention and concern. If the situation were reversed, the media would have given it widespread coverage.


“Unfortunately, several similar cases have been ignored by the media, perpetuating a culture of silence and complicity.


“We urge the media to rise above this bias and report on all cases regardless of the victim’s religion, ethnicity, or background. Every human life is precious and deserves equal attention and concern.


“We demand objective and unbiased reporting and an end to the harmful double standards that perpetuate injustice and discrimination.

‘We call on Traditional Rulers, Religious Leaders, NGOs, and CSOs to educate the general public about their obligations to their children as outlined by Islamic doctrine.


“It’s important for parents and guardians to always take necessary precautions and keep an eye on their children’s activities.


“We should all be vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals to the authorities to prevent such incidents from happening again and to ensure the safety and protection of every child.


“By working together, we can make a positive impact and build a safer and more equitable society for everyone.


“The Government should also take appropriate measures to curtail the menace of human trafficking and exploitation. Strengthening security measures in schools and communities, and prosecuting suspects and perpetrators if apprehended to the fullest extent of the law would help to reduce the heinous incident to the bearest minimum”.


The KPDF is a registered, voluntary and non profit organization founded by prominent Kano indigenes to promote peace in Kano and Nigeria at large, and promote the human development capacity of the less privileged individuals through capacity-building initiatives, skills acquisition, and educational development programs.



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