Letter to Osun Young Minds By Ismail Omipidan

It is 18 days to the Osun Governorship election. Have you got your PVC?

Well, I just got mine. Before I came to Osun in 2019, I had worked in Kaduna, Maiduguri, Abuja and Lagos in that order. My principal too had distinguished himself credibly well before emerging Governor in 2018. Will it therefore be wise to try someone who has no work experience? Or someone who has no proof of sitting near any vicinity where critical decisions are being taken, let alone make any meaningful contribution?

My fellow youths, let us speak our language. Is it possible to offer 300 Level courses without taking 200 Level courses? Is it possible to be a plumber without learning the trade? Are we going to put our future and those of our children in the hands of a candidate who is struggling to understand the rubrics of governance? Doesn’t it make sense to run with the man whose programmes guarantee your welfare and that of your children? Is it not better to say never again to a system that will compromise our collective dream?

As a leading player in the private sector with over 30 years experience, Oyetola’s financial and managerial skills have been brought to bear as Governor of Osun since coming on board in 2018.

He believes in the saying, “work hard in silence; let success make the noise”. Today, his works speak for him.

Hear what the Asiwaju of Igbajo, a legal luminary, Chief Solomon Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), who led a delegation of Igbajo Development Association (IDA) on a “Thank You” visit to Mr. Governor said: “For many years, this (Ada-Igbajo) road has been crying for rehabilitation. Even before I became the Commissioner for justice in the State (1991-92), this road had been in a terrible state. But today, we thank God for using your government to come to our aid. This will go a long way to redefine many things in the benefiting communities.

“You have given us a great relief. Osun is very lucky to have you as Governor at this time. You have come to power with deep experience in both the private and the public sectors as reflected in the way and manner you have been prudently and sensibly running the resources and affairs of the State.”

Oyetola is set to take Osun to the next level, going forward. The Governor Osun deserves on July 16, is one who understands the dynamics of autopilot and sustaining good governance and service delivery in a depressed economy; one who believes in consolidation; one who has plans for generations yet unborn; one whose purpose in government is the security and welfare of the people and who sacrifices for their welfare.

Osun governance has left the analogue stage. Those who don’t speak the digital governance language of the people have no place in the Abere topmost job.

We must not only support the re-election of Oyetola by mere word of the mouth but by coming out en mass to vote for him on July 16. He is the Governor Osun deserves to secure the future of the State.

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