Life and the Burden of Friendship By Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice

In life, there are three people you must navigate carefully with; your family, your friends, and your classmates- these set of persons hold the ace to your triumph and defeat. Whatever you do, consider these people carefully.

I will tell you why! All your aspirations are tied to this set of people, as such, it beholds you to be tactical in matters that relate with them.
These persons know your growth process, as such, they feel very entitled to whatever you become. We have seen families truncate the rise of one of theirs – not necessarily because they are evil but because they feel just like yesterday, you must be tied to their past and dictates.
Your friends are equally important in your aspirations, when you hit it big, comes the harmless grin of envy. They are not necessarily angry with you but with themselves- they use your strides to measure their strides. When you seem far ahead, the toxic hormones of envy creep in. It’s an instinct in human biological formation.
The last circle of influence is your classmates, another integral part of your growth process. This set of persons used the classroom experience to judge your present condition. While they celebrate your strides, you remind them of their own strides. They may see themselves as failure but in the real sense, they are more successful than you because to befriend a king, you must first of all have a king!
We are all facing the above reality, we must manage them tactically. Like I said earlier when you don’t manage the relationships among your family, friends, and classmates, expect the rain of emotions. Nobody can envy you more than the people in your circle- the best admiration comes from people outside your circle. It is a lamentable reality.
This is not strange, this is another episode in the chapter of the book called Life.
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