Malagi and the Allegory of Folk Music: By Jibrin Bala Jibrin Yikangi; B.A.ED English, MISD,PhD(In-view)

All human civilizations has one form of folk Music or a practice akin to It. For anyone who must have clock forty years and above, especially those who had lived in the country side or a regular visitor there must be familiar with the concept and importance of folk music, alas this cultural practice is dieing at a fast pace. For those who don’t know, Folk music are those popular music orally sung and shared within and without the community, they are commonly sung with same or close identity across different communities geographically situated. Folk music are popular and common amongst cultural and traditional African society, they stored organic characteristics and identity of a people. When growing up we experienced folk music all around us, the lyrics and rhythm is universal, known by all and sang in unison, most times folk music comes in form of a song sang while telling after-supper stories either in the middle of the story or when stories ends under glowing moonlight. One characteristic of these songs are that, it’s loved and sung by all, no matter how many times, everyone enjoys it anytime, it’s a people’s identity and unifier, most times it do not need musical instruments accompaniments except on few occasions. It’s popular and populist, on all and sundry’s tongue, it is everyone’s favorite, like water, it has no enemy; and so is Alhaji Mohammed Idris Malagi, the Kakaki Nupe, on everyone’s tongue, the new Niger Folk song.


Until now, since 2020 the Kakaki Nupe remained on everyone’s lips, like a folk song, popular and populist, as it’s exhibiting no sign of fading.His every move is watched, monitored and analyzed by admirers, followers and more closely by detractors; however one sees it, despite missing out from clinching the number one coveted position in the state in 2022 APC gubernatorial primaries, he is still in the news, some how sharing a characteristic of folk music , in everyone’s conscience, positively most times to most people. Like same folk music, he connects culturally and communally with all Nigerlites, whether you share ethnic group with him or not, he’s the quintessential Nigerlite, urbane and humane and a symbol of everything positive about Niger, a worthy and hardworking export with strings and clouts to rub shoulders with all the finest there’s in the country; And so the Kakaki Nupe remained rooted in the grassroot like a folk music, an identity, a connecting symbol, an allegory of a people; of Niger State.




Jibrin Bala Jibrin Yikangi,

Is a Poet, A Teacher and a Social Activist

He writes from Gbako.

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