MALAGI: Politics And The Balance Of Power By Saidu Enagi

Mr. President and Distinguish Senators, the Nominee (Malagi) standing before you is a man of honor”



Not all politics is local, because power game comes with unfiltered twist and some high-level engagements giving a re-definition to the axiom that saw the localization of power-play as the only equation that expresses control.

What really triggered my intuition to write this article comes from a discussion with a PhD student from Salford University, Manchester, UK. We were looking at the laws of human nature and how political actors uses the search for mastery to command reality, either to expand territorial influence or hold on to the grounds in the name of balance of power. We brought Alh. Mohammed Idris Malagi (Ministerial Nominee) to the table, looking at his antecedence as an actor with a distinctive spread of geopolitical
influence within the powers that-be.

I and the Doctoral student came to agree with each other bringing Greene and realism into political thought. Throughout history, men and women have felt trapped by the limitations of their consciousness, by their lack of contact with reality and the power to affect the world around them. They have sought all kinds of shortcuts to this expanded consciousness and sense of control, in the form of magic rituals, trances, incantations, and drugs. They have devoted their lives to alchemy. Most of the time we live in an interior world of dreams, desires, and obsessive thoughts. But in this period of exceptional creativity, we are impelled by the need to get something done that has a practical effect.

Malagi’s accession to a federal position as a Minister under President Tinubu’s Cabinet, comes with a populist hope to defend democracy and the manifesto of the APC which is the protoplasm of progressive politics in Nigeria fourth republic. He is expected to also use his network of competent technocrats across Nigeria so as to give a buffer support to the economic reconstruction agenda of the President, while having a synergistic handshake of the Vice President, H.E Sen. Kashim Shettima, who is the Chair of the National Economic Council.

There are many informal questions coming from the public, regarding the ministerial toga or designation Malagi will be wearing. Some will say, may be he will be given Minister of FCT because he is currently, Board Chairman, Abuja Property Development Company (Under the FCT Ministry), while some people saw him coming in as Minister of Communication & Digital Economy, because he served as Director Strategic Communications at the 2023 APC-Presidential Campaign Council among other technical experience in the communication sector. From other side of the public, they saw him coming in as Minister of Education, Transport or Foreign Affairs.

Whichever way the portfolio appears to him (Malagi), the knowledge and competence is there to deliver happiness and service to the people of Federal Republic of Nigeria.





Saidu Enagi is Admin Secretary, The Malagi Secretariat.
FCT, Abuja.

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