Malagi: This is work and service time, not distractions. By Jibrin Bala Jibrin Yikangi

Elections have come and gone.Time for campaign is also over and done with since may 2022. For those who are elected as Executives and Legislators, the time to work assiduously to fulfill campaign promises is now. On the other hand the non-elected Executives and appointed too, this is the time. Political jobbers and hangers -on are the real threat to Nigerian democracy, their forecasts, parodies,insinuations,spoofs and self-tasked predictions continue to kick democracy right under it belly, so much that non-prepared public office holders get taken away, falsely, so much that they fail in the task immediately on their table, which is service and duty to humanity: of course when this happens, it certainly a reflection of what’s on their minds,urged on by false and selfish calculations of their following political jobbers and hangers-on who profiteer from crisis of leadership. Can I tell you this? No human is infallible, all, including great leaders, democrats and socialists alike, no matter their levels of political achievements, they do have their secret yearnings and motivations and dreams, this is compounded by battalions of false followers and supporters around them especially those who are driven by their personal agendas, some toxic and some obsessions; it is this same group that have sunken many a good public office holders.

Alhaji Mohammed Idris Malagi the Kakaki Nupe and Honorable Minister of Information and National Orientation had being and still a philanthropist of world repute, he has done his bid and just raring to begin, he had vied for the post of Niger Governorship from 2019 down to 2022 APC Gubernatorial primaries, the rest is now history.

In 2023, he became a Minister of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Work and service is now the main preoccupation, service to humanity as he wanted to do. Dues he has paid but as a Minister today his direction is to touch lives as maximally as possible, serving the nation which instructively had being his instinct, so is his concentration currently and he wishes to make it count; distraction is what he eschew and expressly our exact policy direction at the Malagi Organization. It’s much more than enough to serve the people and this nation as a Minister.Peddling forecasts, inferences, insinuating what isn’t said or meant from actions and inactions is certainly a figment of imagination of he who said it and where it originated from; Tersely, no one is sent, has sent or is sending anyone to anywhere to project anything for anyone on the future no one knows anything about. These distractions isn’t needed, they are non-fellows with success, in fact this distractions are targeted, targeted at setting on collision of the course of Kakaki Nupe succeses with others.

The task currently at hand for the Kakaki Nupe is to give face,mouth, image,work and services to the Government of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu and the “Renewed Hope Agenda 2023-2027” and the Nigerian people;work to revamp,to give positive turnaround, to revitalize, to chart new courses, new visions and also digitize where appropriate,MDA’s under the Ministry of Information and National Orientation,factly, complete modernization according to current world standard,as much as time would permit. See, this is huge, no time for petty and idle talks, no room for distractions. Let the so-called analysts, writers who insinuates, politicians who seek to explore perceived gaps stay at bay, the Minister has so much work to do and hasn’t in fact told anyone, either verbal or action-wise his future direction outside what is stated. If you wish to eke a daily bread, please do so outside insinuations and false predictions; to the Kakaki Nupe, it’s a missed call from you to him; talk development, talk ideas, talk growth, talk progress for the Government, Nigeria and Nigerlites, He’s going to be on hand to receive you, anything shot of the above, you are not doing service to Niger and by extension Nigeria; alas the Kakaki Nupe serves and is working in diligence,on a bigger chess-board for Niger State, your very State and Nigeria at large.




Jibrin Bala Jibrin Yikangi,
Is a Poet, A Teacher and a Social Activist.He writes from Gbako.

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