More On Gov Matwalle’s healthcare strides

Welcome to Matawalle’s Zamfara where a world class State tertiary hospital is now a reality….. or just google the name of Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura Specialist Gusau to see for yourself this success story.


A hospital where a multimillion magnificent 50 megawatt hybrid solar project has been executed in the hospital providing three switchable sources of power to ensure a 24-hour supply.


….Where a multimillion computeried CT scan imaging machine has been installed in the hospital


….Where an industrial Oxygen producing plant project had been completed and is aimed at producing 1000 giant cylinders a day


….Where an E-Motive program aimed at preventing maternal deaths has been successfully accomplished in the hospital and the state by University of Birmingham


…..Where a world class female cancer prevention campaign and strategy were adopted and was certified by Union of International Cancer Control( UICC) Switzerland to which the Government developed a road map for building cancer screening and research center at the Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital;


….Where a dialysis center of the hospital provided with 20 dialysis machines to offer relatively free renal replacement therapy to the needy, a modern 6 bed capacity intensive care unit which was fully equipped


Zamfara state, is one among few states where 24 doctors are being trained every year for mandatory housemanship program by the state own specialist hospital!

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