Any meaningful Nigerian who is not encapsulated with a inner-mind’s hatred will look for a best way to celebrate this youngman Manarakis for his outstanding feet in our community. He is a brave lion, a bulldozer of carriage and a reservoir of Nupe Knowledge. His recent creativity in our mother tongue could lead you in an agony if alas it is possible to remove Nupe Language from the endangered languages.
My teacher Mallam Adamu, Tashiru Nupe, Nupe Prof removed the doubt from every individual’s mind and replaces “it is possible to see a dying flower to reawakened if the gardener could have true faith to sprinkle continues water on the dying flower, day by day, time to time, morning to night, minutes to hours, it will not only re-germinate but reappear in a formidable look such to admire even the hope losers.”
I am not trying to praise an empty Bottle, I am here to appreciate a Nupe crusader whose believe in reviving Nupe Language superseded every brethren of the kingdom. Etsu Nupe applauded him for his onerous effort on Nupe Language. This he started like a toy play. I laughed when I heard his mission about Nupe Language in 2016,
I concluded in my mind that “this guy will never stop this type of jokes, how on earth could a language that has no teaching guides be taught, how could he teaches it without a standard Orthography? What method could he use to teach? Beside who are those to waste their time learning Nupe Language?” All these and many questions were swimming in my thoughts. I couldn’t believe he would convince everyone in the kingdom to believe in his believe. I am still imagining the style he used to win this battle. I knew my Nupe people very well.
I know what they stand to agree on but on the case of Manarakis my “know & thought” were wrong. He won. He is a winner. He is a god of his believe. He is everything you could think to say. Manarakis is not the type that give hope easily. He is a continues trial until he sees an end. You don’t go for a fight and runaway just because you sighted your fighter’s riffles are deadlier than yours, you put-up your mind as a strong warrior and replan to win the war.
Although the game is not yet over, the game is still ongoing. Every visionary leader would want to see the top top of his or her mission. I guess Manarakis mission will be completely accomplished any day Nupe Language is taught at PhD Level or any day he dies not as a coward or a failure. We are all aware that Nupe Language is already at it Diploma level.
This is an achievement. Some thing that started from Ordinary Foundation training, to a Basic standard, to a Proficiency and proceeded to Diploma, I think the next shall be Nupe Degree, then Nupe Masters and finally Nupe PhD his put-to-talk dream, daily.
Congratulations my Nupe Instructor and my Nupe Professor. I am not just your classroom student but a believer of your authority and a follower of your instructions. We will continue to pray for you to succeed, Amin. Another thing I will not forget to mention is your Radio presentation.
That reminded me of the memories of late Manman Tsakpati, late Mr Kolo Zhirin and one Alhassan Wasagi who is now a Chief Imam of his village. If you are privileged to listen to my teacher on Radio, you will not have a second thought of a sage, a genus, and a magnificent O-lord Nupe orator.
Once again, congratulations Honorary Professor Adamu Idris Manarakis, may you witness many to come in Halal ways, Amin.

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