Needless Removal of Abubakar At CAC

The abrupt removal of Garba Abubakar as Registrar General of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is a set back to the gains the agency made under his leadership. Under four years, the reformist Abubakar has almost fully turned the CAC to an agency where things work in line with global standards.

Virtually all bureaucratic bottlenecks were removed and the CAC became a global reference agency.Abubakar championed the reforms on ease of doing business particularly in the areas of electronic registration, consolidation of registration forms, integration of the CAC registration portal with the FIRS stamp duty portal, reduction of registration fees, and direct registration by first directors/subscribers. Forget about the workers celebrating Abubakar’s sack. These are people affected by his anti-corruption drive in the CAC.

They are also opposed to change. Abubakar stopped “business as usual” and profligacy at the CAC. If Tinubu truly wants to turn around this country, the likes of Abubakar must be brought on board.

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