NHRC Boss,Ojukwu lauds Nigeria Media dedication to Human Rights protection

The Executive Secretary, National Human Rights Commission NHRC,Dr Tony Ojukwu has commended Nigerian media unwavering dedication to the cause of human rights protection, and also for being the watchdogs of democracy
Ojukwu further expressed appreciation for the invaluable work of the media in amplifying human rights issues and giving voice to those who often go unheard.
NHRC Boss gave this commendation at a Media parley held at the Commission headquarters in Abuja on Friday 29th September,2023.
In his word “Your commitment to shining a light on human rights violations, promoting justice, and advocating for a fair and equitable society is commendable.
“The NHRC is equally committed to its mandate of Promoting, Protecting and Enforcing human rights in our dear Nation. We remain committed to the vital role we play in ensuring that the rights of every individual are respected and protected, regardless of their background, beliefs, or circumstances. The Commission is here to serve as a beacon of hope, a refuge for the oppressed, and a watchdog against any encroachment on human rights.
“In today’s parley, I have been privileged to take particular note of those crop of journalists who are always willing to support us to deliver on our mandates, I want to assure you that the NHRC will not take your passion to serve humanity for granted.
“Our partnership with the media is not just important; it is indispensable. Together, we can raise awareness on human rights issues, spark meaningful conversations, that leads to effective positive change. Your role as the Fourth Estate is pivotal in making this a reality.
“I encourage you to ask pertinent questions, seek clarity, and engage in a constructive dialogue. Your questions and reporting have the power to influence public opinion and policy decisions which ultimately helps in shaping the human rights landscape in our country”.
Ojukwu therefore charged the Nigerian Journalists to continue working hand in hand with the commission to build a society where human rights are upheld, justice prevails, and every individual enjoys the freedom and dignity they deserve.
In his speech ,Chairma,n Nigeria Union of Journalists ( NUJ ) FCT Correspondents Chapel,Comrade Jide Oyekunle commended the National Human Rights Commission for the media parley,
He said “this ” Master Class” yes you called it Media Parley but I called it Master Class because is an Intellectual engagement which has come to stay.
“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very HUMANITY.
He said issue of human rights violations in Nigeria has become a hydra-headed monster which all stakeholders must join hand to kill before everyone become the next victim.
“The majority of cases of human rights violations are being carried out by the Nigerian police force. Yes It is a statement of fact.
“Nigerian Police has become more of an instrument of oppressions and coercion against innocent citizens, and a willing tool in the hands of the rich and few powerful individuals in the society to intimidate and victimize the common man or perceived opponent.
“The lack of trust and confidence in the police by the Nigerian citizens continues to exist irrespective of the hypocritical posters and television advertisements by the police authorities to create a positive image for the force.
“Despite the progress made in the nation’s democracy, the country continues to suffer human rights violations in the hands of our security agencies without any political will by our leaders to hold perpetrators accountable.
“There is a need to strengthen
accountability mechanisms for the human rights violations in the country in the interest of justice.
“As we speak here today those who threatened to wipe out a particular ethnic group in Lagos State during the 2023 general elections are still walking freely because they seem to be above the law while their victims are still bedeviled with the psychological wounds and trauma
“This trauma will continue to hunt those people for the rest of their life until justice is done and their wounds are healed.
“We all owe the society the responsibility to protect the vulnerable group particularly the women and children by using our various news platforms and give them the voice to seek redress in court of law whenever their rights are being trampled upon.
Oyekunle also stated that the press played vital roles for social change and development of any democratic society, said safety of journalists was not negotiable.
He added “One of the key pillars of democracy is free and vibrant press as a watchdog and mirror of the society but the media space in the country is becoming more toxic, shrinking, hostile, suffocating, unsafe and dangerous thereby making it difficult for journalists to operate and carry out their statutory roles.
Oyekunle assured NHRC that media will be critical and not neutral on matter that affected the rights of any Nigerians particularly women and children who are the vulnerable.
The media parley witnessed the presence of NHRC management staff, journalists covering the commission, Media Executives and other stakeholders

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