Niger CP visits Customs,Correctional Service Controllers, seeks for inter-agency collaboration and synergy

The Commissioner of Police, Niger State Command CP Shawulu Ebenezer Danmamman, today 31st January, 2024 visited the Customs Area Controller in charge of Niger/Kogi Command, Compt. B. O Kadejo and the Controller, Nigeria Correctional Service, Niger State C.C Hamisu Mohamed Isah.

During the visit, the CP Shawulu Ebenezer Danmamman asserted that he was in the Customs office to know the Area Controller personally, as the two agencies needed each other to succeed. He noted that the agencies noble course is the enforcement of law and order, as well as the protection of life and property.


He said that the security space was getting wider and no singular security agency could do it alone, therefore the need for each other, most especially on comparative advantage


The CP noted that the hierarchy of security agencies needed to understand themselves, appreciate each other and be our brothers’ keeper. He appreciated the Customs Area Controller that since his assumption as the CP, he had no cause to rush to him for any inter-agency clash, but where there are issues, as strategic leaders, it must be addressed for the integrity of the services.


He further said, “we must be conscious of the responsibility imposed on us”. He asserted that he presented himself to serve the Command and he would need the Controller’s help and to join hands for necessary support”.


He informed the Controller that he might beckon on him at any time for his intervention and even advice, where necessary,as he reiterated that the security space is large and due to the dynamism of crime, though, he understood his focus on smugglers and contraband goods, but the Customs strategic locations and the challenges of smuggling/proliferation of small arms and light weapons required the two agencies to collaborate in order to achieve our mandate.


In his response, Compt. B. O Kadejo welcomed the CP and his entourage. He praised the relationship that has been existing between the Customs and the Police in the State. He appreciated the CP for his cooperation, as he noted that there has been a bond between the two agencies, while he requested for the sustainability of the relationship.


Similarly, at the office of the Controller of the Correctional Service, the CP noted that he wished to acquaint himself and approach the sisters’ agency for synergy, understanding and cooperation, most especially to be our brothers’ keeper. He reiterated that no agency has the monopoly to carry out the task alone, therefore, ” it beholds on us to appreciate each other and even on the area of core competence”


He said the Correctional Services is not just ensuring the custody of the outlaws, but also training and reshaping them, therefore, we must relate to the care and protection of the facilities to ensure that justice is not grounded. He asserted that he looks forward to a very robust understanding and relationship.


The Controller of Correctional Services, C.C Hamisu Mohamed Isah responded that he was happy to hear the message of the CP and that he invited his officers from the old and new correctional facilities to convey CP’s message to other personnel.


He said there would be no cause for alarm, when everyone knows their responsibilities. He noted that inmates are kept for a certain period of time, and the period cannot be exceeded, therefore we must jointly protect the facility irrespective of any challenge or challenges.


Finally, he said the Police should support the Correctional service for inter-agency cooperation.


Other Senior officers among the CP’s entourage include DCP Shehu Umar Didango, ACP Richard Gotom, ACP Taiwo Kasumu, CSP Williams Attah and SP Markus Halima



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