Nigeria@60 Amidst Desolation By Abba Dukawa

“The purpose of government is to enable the people of a Nation to live safely and happiness, government exist for the interest of the governed and not for the governors” (Thomas Jefferson 1743 – 1826).

No one will discount the progress made in several areas of our national life since the country get its independence from British colonial masters. Nigeria contemporary’s countries that gotten statehood with our country is now in the league of developing Nations. In spite of our enormous wealth but our dear Nigeria at 60 independence the citizenry well being is misery because each passing day Nigerians swallow the bitter pills administered to them by their leaders.

At this moment the country and citizens witness the upcoming Diamond anniversary of our nation’s independence amidst of harsh conditions. Because the Talakawas living standard in the country only move from bad to worse because three squares of meals beyond of reach therefore the anger on display is a reflection of the true situation in the country.

The leaders have perfected their manipulatory skills such that even civil society groups, professional bodies, and religious organizations have fallen to the spell of poor leadership as if they are no more rational beings so to speaks the guilt weighs more on the followership, who have allowed them to be manipulated, deceived, abused, used and dumped by the leaders who should be there to protect their interest. Nigerians have been disappointed to the greater level with the development shape our country in the last six decades where every sectors is decaying due to the lack of political will of our leaders and proactive citizenry role.

As the nation celebrates its diamondstill our leaders taken citizens for granted because of citizens failure’s to make concerted effort in ensuring that the right must be done. We can either celebrate or sober reflections on major problems bedeviled us as a people and nation It critical look at the role of followership It must be reiterated that every Nigerian is a major stakeholder and therefore owes it a duty to salvage Nigeria from the quagmire of poor leadership. The success or otherwise of leadership will not be in isolation of followership. Both leaders and followers are guilty in the event of failure of the state. The support given to leaders in Nigeria, always allowing them to have their way in almost everything is the guiltiness of the citizenry.

May 29, 2015 marked a new dawn with the inauguration PMB’s as the new president after beating the then sitting President at the polls with high hopes and expectations from the citizenry that President Buhari would led Nigeria’s turn-around and create the basis for its improved prosperity. Unfortunately, the person we brought into office in 2015 as Mr. No-nonsense” is disappearing, the notion of if Buhari catches you syndrome no longer scares anybody, as we all can see. Sai Baba diehard supporters get mad with the way things moving where our perceived Lion King is encircled by jackals and hyenas and even rodent one that not is fighting for the administration is having a field day.

Despite all these set backed Nigerians exercise tolerant with hope that President Buhari would led Nigeria’s turn-around and create the basis for improved and prosperity Nigeria five years of the administration all the hopes became disillusioned. There is growing resentment against the current government by the citizens because the administration inability to speedily address the challenges inherited from the previous administration.

It is time for the government to be sensitive on its policies which will not be look like on anti- masses despite the billions of naira being pumped into numerous Infrastructure projects still , Nigeria’s have infrastructure deficit which will hit $878bn making it hard for businesses to prosper. More than 100 million Nigerians are languishing in poverty with life expectancy of 48.8%. Nigerians will celebrate independence amidst suffering nearly half the population living in extreme poverty. The World Bank has predicted sluggish growth this year coupled with unemployment.

Nigeria @60 the nation education sector so depressing, major roads in the nation were in a state of despair and almost every sector are not promising. The state of security, electricity, health, is so embarrassing. Nigeria celebrate its Diamond Anniversary amidst desolation at sometime battling for survival with mind-boggling skyrocketed foodstuff prices due to foodstuff merchant’s impunity but the masses are being punch. What the masses are experiencing now is like what they have passed through in the late 80s. The only difference that the populaces are at the mercy of foodstuff merchant’s unlike in the 80s when government securities agents can stormed the warehouses which foodstuff merchant’s hoarding essential commodities and sold them out at subsidize rate.

Interestingly Nigeria at 60 independence problem with the country has been identified by most analysts and social commentators as the absence of true leadership. This I believe is just one aspect of the truth or reality. Both leaders and followers are guilty in the event of failure of the state. In fact, citizens are regretting to say that our yesterday as a nation was better than our today. There are no indices to show that citizens tomorrow will be better.


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