You see, nothing is absolute in life, never take anything to heart. I have live life enough to understand that nothing, I mean nothing is sacrosanct. I have seen lovers of 50 years gone their separate ways, I have seen parents disown their children, I have seen people abandoned their faith- I am a witness to an Imam becoming a Christian and a priest becoming a Muslim! Yes, this is how uncertain life is- therefore, the only certain phenomenon in life is death.

Who would have ever thought a day shall come when Adams Oshiomole would hold tight the hands of Osagie Ize Iyamu as a preferred candidate for the Edo polls and push off the cliff his adopted and cherished political son Godwin Obaseki? So dirty, nasty and crude was the relationship between Oshiomole and Ize Iyamu that almost all the derogatory, gutter and obscene words were used by the two on each other.

It was so smelly that parents switch off their TV sets during the Edo State electioneering duel because the curse and vulgar words coming from these men were enough to corrupt any sane mind. Today, the two lie together in intimate amorous political conjugation! Indeed nothing is absolute in life.

Godswill Akpabio was one of the shining stars in the People’s Democratic Party- so influential was he in that era that president Goodluck Jonathan could take his words as God’s words. Akpabio used his power and money for the PDP and used same might to fight the All Progressives Party and its candidate then,

President Muhammadu Buhari- guess what? Chief Godswill Akpabio is today not only an APC star but a minister under the same party and Buhari he sold in negative brand during the 2015 electioneering duels. Yes, this is another traceable manifest of non-absolutism.

Many stories abide of life’s ephemeral curves; what you thought was vertical today would become horizontal tomorrow. Life, therefore, is uncertain and staggered template of perpendicular interests that can change within the whims of interest and needs. Your best man could be your worst man tomorrow and vice verse.

This phenomenon is not theory, it is an intricate reality of our existence- we change to what suits us. It is only a non-ambitious mind that sticks to one lane of life, even plants change according to the weather – only a tree destined to become a firewood sticks to a condition that isn’t favourable.

The story of Adams Oshiomole and Godwin Obaseki should teach us a lesson that life is not only always fair, that life is not always on the bed but a revolving template of change. In life, anything can happen.

Therefore, learn to take life easy, swim on with the expectation that the tide may be stormy ahead. Take it cool, no man dies a virgin, life has a room where everyman is screwed.

Gaskiyally musing

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