NOA unveils official version of New National Anthem …… Says Anthem is one of the country’s national symbols

National Orientation Agency (NOA) today in Abuja presented to the public official version of the New National Anthem.
During the presentation,the DG NOA,Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu said the National Anthem was part of the National Identity project of President Tinubu administration, being one of the seven programmes for the institutionalisation of our national values.
He said the Anthem remained one of the country’s national symbols, which NOA as custodian, is mandated to promote and preserve its integrity for national cohesion, unity and a sense of patriotism.
He stressed”Today’s event is to present the official version which will clear all doubts about the correct lyrics as contained in the Act signed by the President.
“We call the attention of Nigerians to the line three (3) of the first stanza, which reads: Though tribes and tongues may differ. Note that the words “tribes” and “tongues” are in plural. We want you to also note that line five (5) of the first stanza reads: Nigerians all, are proud to serve”. The word “are”, not “and” is correct.
“On the official instrumental and audio rendition, the NOA will call for entries for the production of an authentic Nigerian melody, taking into cognisance, the indigenous instrumentation of the Nigerian people.
“The effective date for the entries and the procedure will be announced through NOA channels in the coming week.
“Regarding questions about national prayer, the NOA will follow the official procedure to obtain approval for the adoption of a new National Prayer.
“The National Pledge remain valid and operational.
“The NOA’s values orientation programmes as envisioned under the Federal Government’s National Values Charter, seek to define the Nigerian citizens’ shared identity, with clearly stated commitment of both leaders and followers.
” The Charter, operating under the “7 for 7” social contract will guide our national values for a reciprocal commitment of leaders and citizens towards building a nation we all can be proud of.
Mallam Issa-Onilu assured that NOA will be working with a wide spectrum of stakeholders to ensure citizens’ buy-in of the National Anthem and sing it reflectively with a sense of pride.
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Recall that the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, signed into law the new National Anthem Act on the 29th of May 2024.

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