Open Week , How Tambawal’s NASS is Creating Environment for Quality Lawmaking. BY ABUBAKAR YUSUF

In the unfolding leadership of the National Assembly Management under the leadership of Alhaji Sani Magaji Tambawal, as Clerk to the National Assembly CNA, a lot of achievements have been made under the current dispensation.


This was obvious in the wee days of the 9th Assembly and the current 10th Assembly , particularly the complimentary roles of the National Assembly management that had had a multiplier effects on the provision of quality lawmaking both at the green and red chamber.


One year down the line , the Senate and House of Representatives that assumed duty in June , 2023 decided to assess the one year activities , so as to chart a new way that will create an enabling environment to do more.


The National Assembly management under the leadership of Sani Magaji Tambawal ensured the provision of basic needs from capacity building, conducive environment, staff welfare , staff development, that had provided the needed facility and faculty to the federal lawmakers .


The federal lawmakers which consisted the 109 Senators and 360 House of Representatives members including over 4000 legislative aides attached to the lawmakers were adequately acquainted and oriented with adequate and needed resume by the National Assembly Management , with a view to delivering the mandate of the over two decades NASS.


The positive development led to the marking of the maiden open week held for three days between Wednesday July 3- Friday July 5 to x-ray the achievements made in the last one year .


The open week preceded by the launch of the Senate magazine by the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio at the floor of the Senate, also witnessed other side attractions with the reeling out of achievements of the House of Representatives with huge bills and motions presented under one year running.


The one year scorecard of the National Assembly cannot be divorced from the foundation arrangements put in place by the management under Sani Magaji Tambawal, before the inauguration of the 10th Assembly with many weeks capacity building and orientation that groomed the federal lawmakers into delivering the legislative demands.



The commissioning and inauguration of the new National Assembly Library complex that provided a lot of assess to knowledge in lawmaking among many others for the federal lawmakers was another impetus that brought about the success story.


With the presentation of over 1000 motions and many bills by the House of Representatives under the Speaker, Rt Hon Tajudeen Abbas who attributed the huge success recorded to the management of the National Assembly under the leadership of Sani Magaji Tambawal as the Clerk to the National Assembly CNA.


One year down the line and the manifestation of huge achievements under Sani Magaji Tambawal, no doubt subsequent years will attract more development in the area of lawmaking and law reforms in the country.


All hands must be on deck to continue to support the leadership of Sani Magaji Tambawal as Clerk to the National Assembly CNA in the current dispensation.


*YUSUF writes from Abuja he can be reached on [email protected].

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