Our victory rests on your commitments, Tinubu charges APC Election Monitors

All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has met with the party’s election planning and monitoring teams in preparation for the general election on February 25 and March 11.
Addressing the party volunteers during the Train-the-Trainer session on Monday in Abuja, Asíwájú Tinubu appreciated their efforts in agreeing to work for the party’s success in all the elections.
He noted that the party’s success greatly rests on their commitment to the assignment given to them.
“The work you are doing is essential to victory. We cannot win without your contributions.
“Victory rests on you all as much as it rests on our party’s candidates themselves. And when I say this, I include myself in that statement. This is how important I see your work,” he said.
Present at the event were the party’s National Chairman Senator Abdullahi Adamu, Director-General of the campaign and Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong, Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai, Minister of Works and Housing Babatunde Raji Fashola and many other chieftains of the party.
The APC presidential standard bearer urged the election monitors to be vigilant and do their best to ensure that the party’s votes across the country are secured to bring victory for all the candidates contesting in various elections.
“I know there will be challenges and our opponents will lay traps in hopes that you fail. You must stand firm and remain vigilant.
“Tens of millions of people believe in our great party. They have put their trust in us and will cast their ballots for us in each and every election at the national and state levels.
“We must ensure the trust of the people is not betrayed. How? By ensuring that every vote in our favour counts, is counted and recorded. We must protect every vote.
“We have 28 governorship candidates, 109 senatorial candidates, 360 house of representative’s candidates and 988 state assembly candidates, all of whom have put their trust in you. I too have deposited my trust in you as your presidential candidate. We rely on you to make sure that those who oppose our party, our candidates and our progressive ways do not skew the election.
“As we approach the elections, I ask you to match the diligence and hard work of our candidates themselves.
“This will ensure that all of our hard and long campaigning will have not been in vain. Let us fly and raise high in victory our party’s noble banner all across the nation.
“We must firmly continue the work so bravely started. We must protect the people and their collective prosperity from venality of the PDP, and other parties like it.
“Thus, you stand as the frontline guardians of democracy and good governance as well as of our party. You are all crucial to this election and the work you do will determine the path our nation takes.
“I seek to govern our dear country because I am well prepared to lead the nation to its best destiny. I have the track record. I have good and excellent policies and plans better than those of our opponents.
“I also have the tenacity to see them through. I am determined to renew the hope of Nigerians – but the first step must be that the will of the people prevails. So please, I urge you, ‘Be vigilant in your upcoming roles and responsibilities so that the people’s sovereign will might prevail.’
“Be alert and maintain a keen eye for detail. Protect our votes. Do not leave your duty posts – whether that be the polling units or the collation centre. Be present, be on guard and beware of all unscrupulous elements”He added.
As part of his consultations, the APC candidate had met with the party’s governorship and National Assembly candidates on Sunday.

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