Payback time

I have concluded in my mind, I will not change it.

Oh dear, what is it you don’t want to change.

During my National Youth Service in Abakaliki, I suffered a lot and it was due to my Bank inefficiency.

My other colleagues in other banks would have collected their allowance and we will be expecting an alert from our bank after 7 days.

I summed up the courage one day, I went to complain about the persistent delay, the person who attends to me said, no matter how late it is, it is still your money, you will collect it.

In my mind, I wish this person salary get delayed for 10 days, probably he will understand the pains of delayed Allawee,
they don’t take customers seriously at all.

Perhaps they don’t take youth corp members serious, most of us resolve not to have anything to do with the Bank after the last allawee

Interestingly, I am now the accounting officer of the organization I work for, with over 700 staff, they are now coming to my company to open an account with them for our staff salaries and company account.

It is a no-no I insist, they will frustrate our staff.

My company agreed with my decision.

A good example of the common saying, people forget what they buy from you or your organizations, but will never forget how they were treated by you.

How well are you handling your customers and people around you?…
It will speak for you in no distant time


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© Aliyu ilias

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