Peter Obi is against Fake News

There is almost an absolute consensus among all Nigerians, including officials and chieftains of the soon-to-be opposition Parties; APC and PDP, that Mr. Peter Obi, is in a class of his own, and abhors the inane normals that have come to define the brand of politics, embraced by the exiting Nigerian political class. This includes especially; any form of violence in speech, deception, falsehood, hate speech, careless gossip and fake news.


The man whom majority of patriotic and dissatisfied Nigerians have vowed to elect as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not also given to any form of pettiness nor does he desperately hanker after validation, but is a convinced and confident man who says things and holds opinions, not for their popularity or convenience, but for their tested veracity and investigated truism.


Over the last few days, some people, have taken to the ignominious tactic of planting fake and malicious news items across different social media platforms, which are aimed, albeit in futility, to diminish Peter Obi’s mass acceptability hinged on his excellent and irreproachable character.


The Peter Obi Support Network (POSN) wishes therefore, to alert Nigerians at home and in the diaspora that neither the Peter Obi Media Team nor any of its recognized channels of public information dissemination is aware of or authorized any of the fake news making the rounds on social media.


We also wish to advise all our partners and supporters of Mr. Peter Obi not to share any unconfirmed report or opinion articles, without confirming their veracity and authorship, and to rely only, on official channels to receive credible information regarding to Peter Obi and his campaign.


We wish to also assure our supporters and all our partners that Mr. Peter Obi is irrevocably committed to his leading the charge to TAKE BACK NAIJA, and is not entertaining any discussion that will not see him becoming the next President of Nigeria, as he understands that this project has gone beyond him as millons of Nigerians have bought into the idea and are pouring personal funds, ideas and energies into its realization. He can not afford to disappoint the hope of over 100 Million Nigerians nor betray their faith in him.


We thank Nigerians for their unrelenting support to this project and we encourage them to keep the faith as our collective dreams for a working, equitable, just, and prosperous Nigeria under the leadership of Mr. Peter Obi is barely eight months away.



Comrade Sani Saeed Altukry,


Peter Obi Support Network (POSN)

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