Pilgrimage; Like Moslems, Like Christians, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

It is hilarious in a way and a joke taken too far on the other way round to arrive at a judgment of naira jamboree the yearly pilgrimage been observed by Moslem brothers immemorial, in a recent proclamation by some group of Nigerians capable of dragging the hard earned image of the National Hajj Commission NAHCON attained before and after the world ravaged pandemic of COVID-19 to disrepute.

As we all know and written in the holy book of Quar’an, performing pilgrimage is one of the five pillars of Islam that a faithful Moslem must undergo when provided with the wherewithal once in a life time, and many times when bouyant.
Therefore, Moslems strife to ensure the compliance to one of the strongest obligations, and at the same time the well to do in the society sponsored as many as they can on yearly basis.
For every average Moslem, the sacred and revered holy land is also worth visiting at one’s convenient time from time to time, either for religious supplications, prayers and rejuvenation.
From time immemorial, for many decades before now, Moslems from all walks of life with Nigeria not in exception embarked on trekking to the use of horse, motorcycle, to motor vehicles to attend the yearly religious obligation, before the recent innovations of travelling by air from the third world countries.
The last surge of travellers cannot be taken as a capital flight or Jamboree, having restricted or outrightly cancelled the yearly holy supplications by Saudi authority as a result of the world ravaged pandemic of COVID-19, subsequent lockdown and the consequences of the dreaded diseases across the continent.
For Nigerian Moslems and those around the world, the lift of the embargo on the journey to the holy land despite the high cost , was an opportunity for those provided the means to attend the session as well as the well to do to make provisions for their kiths and kins, friends and families to attend the yearly Islamic pilgrimage.
Just like the christian counterparts that also attended to the christian religion obligation even twice or thrice in a year.
The christian folks and brothers embarked on such holy pilgrimage like the Moslem counterparts during Christmas, Easter celebration to worship at the holy land of Jerusalem, even though, the turn out of contingents is far different from that of the Moslem brothers interms of population.
Outside sponsorship or government patronage, the two religions invest alot of funds to attend or perform the holy pilgrimage for worship among other supplications.
Aside Basic Travelling Allowances BTA , it is not on record that pilgrims attending the yearly feasts are inundated with extra funds either from the government, individuals or groups.
The naive idea to trivialize the success story of Hassan Kunle Zikrulahi as a refined public officer and the reformation programs put in place is tantamount to sacrilege for the ignorant ones.
For at no time or the other, the journey to the holy land, both at Moslem and Christendom is tagged “capital flight” amidst economic recession or quagmire, it behoves on the peddlers to be wary of such utterances.
The high population of contingents to this year’s pilgrimage was expected in view of the available variables and circumstances across the world ,as Nigeria was not an exception.
Three years down the line, the current management of NAHCON had respositioned the agency and oriented the pilgrims as good ambassadors and representatives of the country while in the holy land.
Therefore, those peddling such rumours and utterances should also be aware of the religious implications and judgment from the Almighty God.
*ABUBAKAR YUSUF, A Public Affairs Analyst and can be reached on [email protected].

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