Police upgrades Central Motor Registry to combat motor vehicle theft, others ….. urges residents to process Tint Permit through CMR portal

The Nigeria Police Force NPF has rejigged the Central Motor Registry (CMR), a vital initiative that has played a pivotal role in addressing these challenges The CMR has a rich history spanning over decades, having been established in 1958 with a fundamental mission to combat vehicle-related crime and bolster national security.

As an invaluable repository of motor vehicle data and intelligence, the CMR has consistently been very helpful by facilitating investigations, enhancing law enforcement operations, and ensuring efficient recovery of stolen vehicles.
However, recognizing the evolving technological landscape and the imperative of accessibility and efficiency, the NPF has embarked on a digitalization journey to further enhance the capabilities of the CMR.
This initiative aimed to leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline processes, improve data accessibility, and reinforce the fight against vehicle-related crime, ultimately contributing to the safety and security of our dear nation.
Police said”The revitalization and digitalization of the CMR are vital steps in adapting to the digital age, as the traditional manual processes were limiting the CMR’s efficiency and growth potential, hindering our ability to combat motor vehicle-associated crime effectively. The digitalization of the CMR represents a proactive approach to address these challenges and enhancing our commitment to citizens’ safety and security.
“However, the CMR portal is a web-based self-service portal, where members of the public, and car owners can create a profile that will enable them to apply for NPF CMR certificate through the web address https://cmris.npf.gov.ng with the use of a National Identification Number (NIN), Tax Identification Number (TIN), Drivers’ license, Phone number, and a valid email address. The CMR services include among others ;
-Motor Vehicle Information Certificate: To obtain comprehensive information about a vehicle’s ownership, history, and status to make decisions and legal compliance.
-Change of Ownership: To facilitate a smooth transition of vehicle ownership with proper documentation.
-Change of Colour: To update your vehicle’s records to reflect changes in its exterior colour, maintaining accurate information.
-Change of Engine: Ensure proper documentation of changes to your vehicle’s engine, adhering to regulatory requirements.
-Change of Chasis/Body: Update CMR records when there are changes to a vehicle’s chasis/body structure, ensuring accurate documentation.
-Change of License Number: Request a change to your vehicle’s license number, following legal procedures and obtaining necessary approvals.
-International Driving Permit: Obtain an internationally recognized driving permit for legal driving in foreign countries
-International Certificate for Motor Vehicle (ICV): Secure the ICV, a crucial document for International vehicle transportation, confirming compliance with international standards.
-Used imported vehicles/Locally assembled vehicles: Register imported/locally assembled vehicles in accordance with the regulations/safety standards.
-Issuance of Tint Permit: Apply for a tint permit to ensure compliance with regulations governing vehicle window tints”
It may be recalled that in the past, the nation grappled with a surge in vehicle-related offenses, including car theft, car snatching, kidnapping, carjacking, and hit-and-run incidents, largely attributed to the use of unregistered vehicles, tinted windows, among other factors, which posed a significant challenge across the country.

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