RAMADAN: SEMON Felicitates With Muslims , Urges Support for South East Muslims

South East Muslims of the Igbo race have felicitated with the Muslim Ummah of Nigeria and the world over the month of Ramadan and have urged the wealthy among the Ummah to utilize the month to feed the poor, support the needy and strive to ease the Islamic obligation on the less privileged.


The group under the aegis of South Eastern Muslims of Nigeria (SEMON) also congratulated the leaderships of the Ummah, led by the Sultan of Sokoto and President General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’adu Abubakar II, for guidance which has led to the unity of the Muslims of Nigeria in observing the holy month without differences.


SEMON in a press statement jointly signed by the chairman , Muhammad Obiahu Ajah Jr. and secretary, Abdurrahman Nwabueze Urama, applauded the spirit of brotherhood exhibited by Muslims during Ramadan.


The group appealed for the continuation of the Islamic atmosphere after Ramadan so that the privileged Muslims can go on giving special attention to the poor as commanded by Allah and exemplified by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


SEMON enlisted prominent Muslims of Nigeria to come to the aid of the Muslims of the Southeast in terms of economic empowerment and alleviation of their educational and health challenges. They called for particular attention to the challenges faced by the Igbo Muslim women and girl-children.


They implored the Sultan and all the Muslim leaders in Nigeria to continue to provide proper guidance to the Muslim faithful under their domains to ensure the practical unity and progress of the Ummah in a multi-religious society like Nigeria.


“We plead with our leaders to continue as always to guide us. Muslims through their guidance have lived in harmony with other citizens of Nigeria. There is the need to ensure good parentage to guard against the stray extremists who have been misrepresenting the image of Islam in the name of fighting globalization. There is no compulsion in Islam and no Muslim, for any reason, has the right to take the life of any human being without a ruling by a competent court.”


“On that note, we also call on our Muslim and Islamic leaders to look towards the Southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria in order to assist in alleviating some of the challenges faced by Muslims especially the vulnerable women and female children.”


“We also join in appealing to the Federal Government to as a matter of national interest employ all security measures to safeguard the citizens across Nigeria and to bring any perpetrator of criminality against humanity to book. We also commend the government for its strong stand in fighting financial recklessness and for all efforts in recovering the nation’s wealth by past administrations and political office holders. We also pray for Nigeria and her peoples and wish them progress, unity and peace at all times.”


“Lastly, we use the medium to again call on the Federal Government to include Muslims of Igbo race in the ongoing composition of board memberships of the federal agencies and parastatals as means of ensuring equity and fairness, as well as giving the sense of belonging to the minorities of Nigeria”.



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