Ramadan; Varsity Don preaches on Key to Allah’s Mercy.





A university don, Professor Isa Sarumi has urged Moslems to continue to express gratitude to Allah’s mercy and compassion, saying Almighty God is the most beneficent and most merciful.


He stated this during the presentation of annual Ramadan Lecture as a guest speaker on Saturday, 1st April, 2023 at Nasir-Lahu-Fatih Society headquarters in Abuja.


The theme of the lecture which titled “Fasting ; The Sure Key To Allah’s Mercy” stressed the need to be grateful at all times, rather than resigning to fate by expressing dejection and rejection on any given experience and situations.


He said all hope was not lost for an existing persons, saying the idea been practised in some sections can only be referred to the devil whom Almighty God had disowned and condemned.


“It is unfair for some sections to advocate God’s abandonment in their life’s sojourn, stating that when forgotten, you are no longer in existence.”


He recalled how the devil who was the prophet of God, but defied Almighty God, and was later banished, stating that no human creation was in that category.


“Once you are forgotten, it is simply like the devil, as Almighty God does not forget his creatures.”


Sarumi warned on the consequences of attracting God’s wrath through our utterances stating that the mercy of Allah encompasses all human existence.


He stressed the need for complete supplications to the worship of Allah during the holy month in line with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad,stating that the holy month was revealed through the holy prophet Mohammed SAW.


According to Professor Isa Sarumi, the holy month of Ramadan shapes alot of activities in human life, particularly health and wellbeing.


“It is on record that during Ramadan fast, alot of sicknesses and sick people got healed from their various ailements, maintaining the need to pray indepthly during the holy month.”


The guest speaker said Ramadan period is a period dedicated to prayers by all and sundry, with hope and confidence in all their activities, saying prayers is key to human emancipation.


He advised Moslems to be resolute and prayerful, maintaining that the month of Ramadan was all encompassing with Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.


The university don congratulated the NASFAT society across the country and the whole world at large, added that their religious mode of activities had encouraged multiple growths of the society .

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