Re: Before APC Jeopardize Future Of Osun By Jibola Oyekunle

May the dark old days of endless looting and sharing of our common patrimony never return in the Land of the Virtuous. That was the prayer that welled up in my mind as I was reading the poorly-written piece of Com Kozeem Olusola, SA Youth Affairs and Employment to Francis Fadahunsi, the Senator representing Osun East Senatorial District in the Senate.

Recall that Olusola’s Principal recently exposed his ignorance in what has been widely condemned as unbecoming of a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A Senator who cannot point out a single thing he has done to add value to the people he represents is expected to lie shamefully low, instead of washing his dirty linen in full public glare by commenting on what he knows practically nothing about.

Fadahunsi’s gaffe was first denied by his aide and when he was invited to defend his bogus claim in an open conversation with the spokesperson of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, Ismail Omipidan, on Rave FM, our dear Senator was nowhere to be found. But for fear, I suppose, of being branded a coward, he eventually came out to confess his vindictive tendencies, one week after turning down the first invite. According to him, he had decided to hit back at the Governor for not picking up his calls.

Unlike Fadahunsi who is wasting away at the Senate and pocketing all the huge undisclosed amount of money meant to impact the lives of the good people of Osun East Senatorial District, Oyetola is busy with the serious business of governance, impressively delivering on his campaign promises to the good people of Osun.

Instead of constituting a distraction to this administration, I advise the distinguished Senator to bring out and deploy those huge amounts hidden in his vaults for the development of Osun East. The Senator should know that the clock is ticking and our people are no fools.

The Senator is also advised to tame his aides, who are describable in the words of Fadahunsi himself, as ‘dogs being fed by him’, as their continued ranting would further overexpose him as a non-performing Senator who would face outright rejection by the good people of his zone in the next general elections.

I challenge the pessimist who is insinuating that the State has been plunged into the abyss of debt to name any developed society that has evolved without borrowing. Without recourse to digression, I should quickly inform him that the current administration in Osun has efficiently managed our resources to achieve so much in less than two years without borrowing, just as it is responsibly paying the debt the State owes.

The administration’s achievements across all sectors of the State’s economy, including education, infrastructure, road construction and rehabilitation, mining and healthcare development remain unprecedented and highly commendable. For any responsible citizen of the State, a government who is so prudent with the State’s meager resources, doing projects without compromising the welfare of the people and paying salaries as and when due deserves commendation and not condemnation.

We should learn to be responsible by being objective in our opinions. A situation whereby a citizen, whoever he is, would vent his spleen, for whatever reason, by making bogus claims in public or flippantly describing as atrocities such good, laudable programmes and policies of a performing Administration as Oyetola’s bolds ill for the collective progress of all.


Oyekunle, writes from Osogbo, State of Osun.

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