Retired Police officers storm National Assembly to protest unpaid pensions

Retired Police Officers of Nigeria under the contributory pension scheme have stormed the National Assembly in Abuja, in protest over several months of unpaid pensions.


The retirees representing various state chapters lamented the severe hardships faced due to the failure of the National Pension Commission to pay their entitlements.


The retired police officers are urging the Federal Government to remove them from the contributory pension scheme.


This is not the first time police retirees have protested.


In September 2021, retired officers from 27 states stormed the National Assembly in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, demanding their pension payments.


During the 2021 protest, they displayed placards with messages such as ‘NPF pension defrauding police retirees, SOS,’ ‘Police officers are dying in penury under the contributory pension scheme,’ and ‘CPS is a death sentence against police!’


Meanwhile, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu had vowed to ensure an immediate review of the pension and severance packages of retired police officers to reflect the enormity of their contributions and commitment to the country.


The President, who spoke through the Minister of State for Police Affairs, Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim on March 5, promised his full support for the Veterans’ Foundation, describing support for the retirees as obligatory and “a moral imperative” for government at all levels, and well-meaning members of the society.


Tinubu said, “Supporting and assisting the police veterans is rather a moral imperative, nay obligatory on government at all levels, including well-meaning members of the society.


“I must acknowledge that without these veterans, Nigeria would have no doubt descended into a Hobbesian state of nature where life is brutish, nasty and short; and only the fittest and strongest survive.


“We are further reminded that the idea of citizenship carries with it a sense of responsibility and patriotic duty.


“It is incumbent on us, therefore, to acknowledge the efforts, heroism and sacrifice made by those who gave their all, so that we may have peace and security in Nigeria. One of such responsibilities is supporting and sustaining the Police Veterans’ Foundation to enable the attainment of its noble objectives of giving a better life and hopes to our Police retired officers that will cushion the effects and burdens of post-service challenges.


“As the President of our dear country, I will not only give my full support to the Veterans Foundation but will also ensure that such areas as improving the pension and severance package of retired police officers, are immediately reviewed to reflect the enormity of their contributions and commitment to our country.



Also, administrative processes towards issuance of an Executive Order will be immediately initiated to set aside a day, perhaps, 5th March (being today, the launch of the Veterans’ Foundation) or 1st April (being the date that the hitherto existing police forces of Northern and Southern provinces were amalgamated to form a unified Nigeria Police Force), as National Police and Veterans’ Day in Nigeria”, he said.



– Agency News

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