Reactions of some Nigerians to the retrial order made against the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki seems to have been equated with his conviction. It must be emphasized that the trial Panel has only in its wisdom opined that the Senate President should simply defend himself in three (3) out of the eighteen (18) charges preferred against him.

The Court of Appeal Panel has only recommended the retrial of the case against Dr. Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal and it should never be misconstrued as the conviction of the number three citizen of the nation.

It must be noted that the three-man Court of Appeal panel led by Justice Tinuade Akomolafe-Wilson has only upheld charges 4, 5 and 6 for retrial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal out the eighteen (18) counts initially brought against the Senate President.

This is at best another opportunity for Dr. Saraki to prove his innocence and to clear himself of any wrongdoing in the remaining three charges; just the same way he had done in the already dismissed fifteen (15) charges.

It should be noted that the retrial order cannot unsettle the Senate President in anyway because he is a clear conscience that fears no accusation. Meanwhile, Nigerians that derive joy in the spread of negative news bothering on Dr. Saraki should appreciate the fact that the number three citizen has so far allowed a free flow of the nation’s judicial process and has totally restrained himself from using his exalted office to obstruct the system.

Since the retrial order is already a matter of sub judice in Hindi, Nigerians are therefore advised to patiently wait and allow Dr. Bukola Saraki to prove his innocence and put all doubting Thomases to shame.

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