Rev Babatunde Idowu reflects on significance of Easter celebration …. As Foursquare Gospel Church, Wuse Abuja holds Easter Sunday Service

By Afolabi Olajuwon
Today, on a day marked by significant spiritual reflection and celebration, the Foursquare Gospel Church in Wuse, Abuja, hosted an explosive Easter Sunday Service, one that will linger in the minds of attendees for a long time to come.
The sermon, a cornerstone of the day’s observance, was delivered by the esteemed Rev. Dr. Babatunde A. Idowu.
With a deep understanding of the Scriptures and a palpable passion for sharing the gospel, Rev. Dr. Idowu explored a topic of profound depth and relevance: “Curse Is Completely Condemned.”
The sermon, which commenced at 9:45 AM and concluded at 10:25 AM, dove into a nuanced exploration of biblical texts including Genesis 3:14-16, Deuteronomy 21:22-23, Galatians 3:13-14, and Numbers 23:11-14. These passages, pivotal to the sermon’s theme, span the breadth of the Bible, from the curses pronounced in Genesis, which mark the fall of man, to the New Testament, where the redemption of mankind through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is affirmed.
Rev. Dr. Idowu’s message centered on the transformative power of the Easter story, a narrative of hope, redemption, and liberation. He elucidated how, through Jesus’s crucifixion, the curse pronounced upon humanity was irrevocably condemned. In Galatians 3:13-14, which was a focal scripture of the day, the Apostle Paul tells us that “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us,” highlighting that the act of crucifixion was not just a moment of suffering but a definitive act of liberation for all who believe.
By intricately weaving together theological insights and practical applications, the Reverend made clear that Easter is not merely a historical event but a continuing source of hope. The essence of Easter, as Rev. Idowu passionately communicated, lies in the fact that Jesus has settled the accounts for everyone that believes in Him.
In a profound conclusion to his sermon, Rev. Dr. Idowu extended an invitation for an altar call. This moment of spiritual invitation resulted in two young men stepping forward to accept Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Their decision served as a tangible manifestation of the sermon’s impact and the overall significance of the Easter message of renewal and redemption.
Today’s Easter Sunday service, through the sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Babatunde A. Idowu, not only commemorated the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also emphasized the perpetual victory over curses and the liberation found in Christ’s sacrifice. This message of hope and new beginnings is especially potent on Easter and serves as a reminder of the profound impact of Jesus’s resurrection on believer’s lives.
The Easter Sunday Service was further elevated by an explosive choir ministration, a testament to the joy and triumph emblematic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Under the skilled leadership of Psalmist Ademola Adebisi, the church choir delivered an impassioned and spiritually uplifting performance that served as a powerful act of worship, seamlessly bridging the moments between the sermon and the congregation’s reflection on the Easter message.
The choir’s ministration covered a profound range of music, meticulously chosen to reflect the thematic arc of Easter from recognition of Christ’s sacrifice to the celebration of His resurrection and victory over death. The selection moved from stirring praises to soulful worship songs, each piece carefully curated to lead the congregation deeper into the essence of Easter.
The service commenced with the choir lifting their voices in joyous praise, animating the church atmosphere with vibrant melodies that celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. Songs of victory and triumph reiterated the fundamental Easter message that Christ has overcome the grave, which instilled a sense of communal jubilation and gratitude among the attendees.
As the ministration progressed, the mood transitioned from exuberant praise to a more contemplative worship, inviting the congregation to reflect on the personal significance of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. Through melodious and heartfelt worship songs, Psalmist Ademola Adebisi and the choir guided the congregation into a deeper state of worship, culminating in a poignant spiritual encounter that resonated with the themes of redemption and renewal central to Easter.
The choir’s performance was not just musically proficient but deeply evocative, marked by a palpable sense of devotion and reverence. Through their voices, the diverse emotions and teachings of Easter were beautifully conveyed, providing a multisensory experience that complemented Rev. Dr. Babatunde A. Idowu’s powerful sermon. The crescendos and diminuendos of the music mirrored the highs and lows of the Easter story, from the somber recognition of Christ’s crucifixion to the exultant acknowledgment of His resurrection.
The impact of the choir ministration on the service was profound, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere and enriching the congregation’s Easter experience. The seamless blend of praises and worship, under the adept leadership of Psalmist Ademola Adebisi, underscored the transformative power of music as a form of worship and as a vehicle for conveying the deepest tenets of faith.
In conclusion, the choir’s ministration at today’s Easter Sunday Service was a vibrant and soul stirring journey through the Easter narrative, marked by musical excellence and deep spiritual resonance. It served as a powerful testament to the hope, joy, and renewal that Easter symbolizes for believers worldwide, amplifying the message of the sermon and leaving a lasting impression on all who were present.

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