Rev. Dr. Babatunde A. Idowu declaration in his sermon: “Overcoming The Storm”.

By: Dr. Afolabi Olajuwon



Today’s service at the Foursquare Gospel Church in Wuse, Abuja, was a spiritually enriching experience that commenced with an engaging choir ministration and culminated in a profound sermon by Rev. Dr. Idowu, the Senior Pastor and District Overseer. The atmosphere was charged with divine presence, reflecting a community deeply anchored in faith and fellowship.


The day began with the soul-lifting choir ministration led by sister Taiwo Asebieko from 9:00 am to 9:30 am. The ensemble presented a harmonious rendition titled “Overcoming The Storm,” drawing from the comforting scriptures of Psalm 107:23-31. Their performance set a reverent tone for the service, preparing hearts and minds for the message that was to follow.


Rev. Dr. Babatunde Idowu took the pulpit, shortly after the choir’s presentation, bringing a message of hope and resilience. With the theme “Overcoming The Storm,” he eloquently related the day’s teaching to the pronouncements of Jacob on Joseph, emphasizing the profound blessings bestowed upon us:


1. Blessing from above – described as rich, precious, and ever-flowing.

2. Blessing from beneath – indicating foundational support and stability.

3. Blessing from the breast – symbolizing nurturing and care.

4. Blessing from the womb – representing birth and creation.


Rev. Idowu’s message highlighted the power of prayer as a tool for confronting and passing through the storms of life. He assured the congregation that through prayer, believers could discern strategies to overcome challenges. This empowering message encouraged the congregation to engage their faith actively, especially during turbulent times.


Following the sermon, Rev. Idowu led the church in a fervent prayer session. The prayers focused on seeking divine intervention against any form of storm that might arise in the personal and professional lives of the congregation. Special intercessions were made for businesses, homes, families, careers, and professions, invoking God’s protection and guidance.


Before concluding the service, Rev. Idowu rendered a captivating hymn titled “A Shelter In The Time Of Storm.” This song further reinforced the day’s message, reminding everyone of God’s unwavering presence and protection in the face of life’s adversities.


The service at Foursquare Gospel Church, Wuse, Abuja, on April 14, 2024, was a profound spiritual experience that left a lasting impact on all attendees. Through inspired music, a powerful sermon, and heartfelt prayers, the congregation was reminded of the unshakeable blessings bestowed upon them and the strength they have to overcome any storm through faith and prayer. The message of hope, resilience, and divine protection resonated deeply, offering a beacon of light for the journey ahead.

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