SDGs and it’s Sustainability in Nigeria, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

For Sustainable Development Goals SDGs in the last seven years of it’s inception had gone beyond domestication, but pursuing vigorously the decade of action agenda, 2020-2030.
This is obvious from the pioneer leadership under Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire who had developed the innate passion to drive the UN program based on her experience, resume and wealth of experience garnered over the decades from her roles in the government of Lagos state.
With the wealth of experience, Adefulire had deployed and leveraged on the demands of the international body to key into various developmental programs ranging from economic, social, environmental, gender among the core 17 goals and targets of the sustainable development.
No doubt, with utmost determination, the UN intervention program had become part and parcel of government activities under her watch seven years down the line with her well thought out domesticated.
Before and towards May 29 ,2023, her leadership was deeply engaged in commissioning of hospitals, schools, skill acquisitions centres, including building of structures for the IDPs across North Eastern states of Nigeria, as well as empowerment and capacity building.
SDGs under her watch, became a household name both in it’s programs and policies as it was involved in series of launchings both locally and internationally, the last was the INFF during the last 77th UNGA in the United States.
Her strides among many others was the series of launchings at the home from the realignment of National Statistical System NSS in collaboration with NBS, the first in Africa, including the launch of Goals 3 and 4 covering Health and Education to place Nigeria in a better position of assessment by the international bodies.
Her intervention program across the states and FCT which included Health, Education, Water and Sanitation ran into billions.
She embarked on post COVID-19 remedy by building across the six geopolitical zones specialised Hospitals and Health centres both by the development body, and in collaboration with state governments across the country.
Many states of the country embraced the new area of social services that will drive the decade of action agenda 2020-2030 as a bench mark to uneven development in all ramifications.
For consecutive seven years under her watch , Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire preparations towards the yearly UNGA held every September of the year, always began on time in August with Nigeria as a key player under her watch, which readily brings to mind the turn of events for the 2023 program.
The selfless services and seamless programs along with it’s domestication through robust templates and initiatives, earned her the SDGs Champion, a recognition by the UN and confered on her by the UN Representative, Mathias Schamale few month ago.
The positive development was responsible for the new administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to salute her courage and contributions to the growth of SDGs and it’s programs in Nigeria, during the award by the First Lady, Mrs Oluremi Tinubu.
With her unique performance both in her pioneer period, reappointment to the satisfaction of both the sub nationals, CSO’s, Private Sector Advisory Group PSAG, and the international communities, the need for continuity will be desiring having built a career and wealth experience that will drive Nigeria’s global activities and image at the UN.
For Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire,
She was already tested and trusted both locally and internationally with numerous national awards and international recognitions within one year in a row, “OFR, NPOM and SDGs Champion.”
Therefore, her continuity will be more of advantage, considering her strides and the forthcoming 78th UNGA coming up in September, 2023.
Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Abuja, with email address [email protected].

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