Sheikh Shariff Ibrahim Alhusaini calls for Peace,Justice in Palestine and Gaza

The distinguished scholar of international repute, Sheikh Shariff Ibrahim Saleh Alhusaini, who serves as the Chairman of the Fatwa Committee of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, has passionately addressed the dire situation in Palestine and Gaza. The Scholar in statement underscored the deep concern regarding the ongoing conflict and violence in the region while making heartfelt appeals to various international entities, nations, and religious leaders to take immediate action.


Central to Sheikh’s statement was an expression of profound sorrow and sympathy for the Palestinian people, especially those in Gaza, who have endured what can only be described as inhumane treatment. This included a brutal siege, forced displacement, and acts of violence that gravely resemble genocide.


The statement further highlighted the distressing fact that even hospitals and civilian areas have not been spared from the ongoing violence.


Sheikh fervently therefore called for prompt international intervention, with a particular emphasis on urging the United Nations and its specialized committees to exert pressure on Israel to cease the aggression without imposing any conditions. Additionally, it called for the establishment of an impartial committee to swiftly investigate the situation and ensure justice for the Palestinians.


Furthermore, Sheikh earnestly implored the major global powers, such as the United States, Russia, China, the UK, and France, alongside other nations, to collaborate effectively to establish justice and put an end to oppression in all its forms, with the overarching goal of upholding international peace and security.


In addition to addressing the United Nations, the statement called on various international and regional organizations, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and the European Union, to apply pressure on the authorities responsible for the ongoing violence and encourage them to halt these acts.


The statement extended a call to the leaders of Islamic countries, urged them to leverage their influence to put an end to the violence and to foster unity and solidarity among Muslims. It strongly emphasized the importance of collaborating with religious scholars and leaders from different faiths.


A significant focal point in Sheikh’s statement was the urgent need to mediate conflicts based on principles of justice and fairness.


The statement also underlined the importance of addressing the humanitarian crises that result from these conflicts, particularly the devastating impact on children, women, and innocent civilians.


Sheikh expressed unwavering support for the official statements and condemnations issued by Islamic and other countries and organizations, which unequivocally denounce the ongoing violence.


Sheikh earnestly appealed for humanitarian aid to be provided to those affected by the conflict in Palestine. This includes orphans, widows, the impoverished, and those in need. He encouraged individuals to offer support through the Embassy of the State of Palestine in the Federal Republic of Nigeria for Nigerian citizens. For citizens of other countries, he recommended donating through the diplomatic missions of the State of Palestine in their respective nations, ensuring strict compliance with regulations governing financial contributions for humanitarian purposes.



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