Society is the reflection of people living in it, says Abu Jabir

By Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez
A Muslim scholar has called for a better leadership transformation in Nigeria, stated that it remained the only way by which the country can progress and achieved it desired goals.
Abu Jabir Abdullah also known as PEN ABDUL, made this call while featuring as a guest speaker on an Islamic weekly program tagged “TALK ISLAM” on Jordan 93.9 FM Abuja, today.
While expounding on the topic: “You are all Leaders – Transforming Youths into future Leaders” pen Abdul stated that leadership is all about trust (Amana) from Allaah and every leader must live up to it.
Abu Jabir who described the responsibilities of a good leader as; the one who keep his followers together and intact (Unity), the one who protect them from external aggression (security) and the one who guides his followers to economic prosperity (economy), that is improving their standard of living.
He added that; “It is the failure on the part of the leadership that made the society to become lawless as “a society is a reflection of those at the helms of it affairs”.
He concluded by making reference to one of the beautiful saying of the Prophet PBUH about Leadership, which says “kullukum ra`in wa kullukum mas’oolun `an ra`iyyatih”. “Every one of you is a shepherd and will be hold responsible for his flock”.
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