State police is not negotiable —Former President Goodluck Jonathan declares

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has declared support for the establishment of state police.


According to Jonathan, the quest to establish State police is completely non-negotiable.


The former Nigerian President spoke at the “National Dialogue on the Establishment of State Police” organised by the House of Representatives Committee on Constitution Review on Monday in Abuja.


The dialogue themed, “Pathways to Peace: Reimagining Policing in Nigeria.”


Jonathan said state policing was not up for debate, but rather the establishment of mechanisms to prevent abuse.


Drawing from his time as the President, Dr. Jonathan revealed that the 2014 National Conference unanimously endorsed the establishment of “State Police, National Border Guard and National Coast Guard.”


Jonathan, however, said that Nigerians including the National Assembly must focus on how to create an operational framework for state police in a way that enhances Nigeria’s security architecture for the overall security and progress of Nigeria.


Speaking further, while highlighting the perceived role of politicians, especially governors whom many analyst believe would use state police to harass political opponents, Jonathan called on the panelists in the dialogue to focus on “How do we ensure that state political actors do not abuse the state police.”



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