Table Manner politics : The Ganduje philosophy in the 21st century  By Aliyu Ilias

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At this age of social media journalism, politics in Africa is still grappling with the people in power consistently gauging the citizen to avoid them critiquing the Government of the day.
In a country like Nigeria, where we have different people with divergent ideologies, some sing the praise of president Buhari even at the brink of the Amalgamation call Nigeria.
Some Nigerians hold the opposite view, complaining bitterly to charge the Government to their responsibility, some argue further that this Government came on board with a promise to provide security, economic recovery, and to tackle corruption, which has worsened.
The Ganduje scenario reminds us of the basic table manner which children and adults alike must observe when on the table eating, the rule says don’t speak when you are eating.
Saliu Yakasai having gone on suspension for two weeks because he supported the #EndSars Protesters has suddenly forgotten his table manners politics and dare the Governor.
More so, it is an open ideology of the Governor of Kano state to deal decisively with whoever criticizes his government or Mr. President.
In All Progressive Congress, there are some written rules among which clearly state that you must not take party issues to a court of law except it has been adequately tackled by the party.
It is not clear if it is an unwritten law not to share your view about the Government that gave you a political appointment, It is crystal clear that it is either you keep quiet or you resign as a political office holder if you want to be free with your opinion on the country, any attempt to critique your party simply means you are on the other side.
Sad enough the other side is always looking for an opportunity of members of the ruling party trying to jump the ship such as Governor Obsaseki and the then deputy Governor in Ondo state, south-west Nigeria who resigned to join the major opposition party to contest again the incumbent Governor, the opposition party has completely forgotten their roles.
APC government came into power after the sixteen years of the People Democratic Party through enough critiquing and propaganda.
Aliyu ilias writes from Abuja

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