Test Your Popularity Now – PDP Challenges APC …Hails PDP’s Victory in Delta LG Polls

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has challenged the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to immediately test its popularity among Nigerians by conducting free, fair and credible local council elections in states under its control.

PDP maintained that APC is mortally afraid of going into any election, particularly at the grassroots, as Nigerians across board are bitter with them for their deceit and the wrecking of once robust Nigeria economy.

The party also said Nigerians are currently at pains over the poor welfare direction of the ruling party which has resulted in the penetrating hardship now being suffered under the APC controlled Federal Government misrule.

PDP however alleged that APC is petrified because Nigerians have renewed their interest in the PDP as the only genuine people-oriented party.

PDP said that the new thinking among Nigerians has been clearly demonstrated with PDP’s sweeping victory in Osun senatorial bye election as well as the recent local council polls in Ekiti and Delta states.

The party said APC cannot go back to the same electorate it scammed in 2015 with lies and empty promises; promises of bogus jobs, monthly stipends, free meals, free houses, reduction of fuel price, bringing the dollar to the same value with the naira and other phantom promises.

“The APC knows it cannot face the more than 8 million Nigerians it has rendered jobless with its reckless policies. They know that judgment awaits them from thousands of workers who were unjustly sacked in the states where APC governors rule, particularly Kogi and Kaduna.

APC cannot also return to the states where countless helpless families’ breadwinners painfully paid the supreme price due to untold hardship under their misrule.”

The party also knows it cannot return to the families of those slaughtered in Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Borno and other parts of the country by marauders encouraged and emboldened by the indifference of the Federal Government and the unguarded comments from unpatriotic Presidential aides.

That is why instead of facing the people, APC governors, who are now scared stiff of the looming disgrace awaiting them, are busy running to Abuja for help, forgetting that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Presidency will also face an inevitable crushing defeat in 2019. “PDP stated

PDP said that Nigerians now know the difference between the anti-people, deceitful and inept APC and the democratic, development-driven PDP which, in its 16 years in power led the nation to economic boom, cleared huge foreign debts, repositioned the banking sector, championed the telecoms revolution.

PDP said “we all now enjoy, revamped the railways, built new universities, reformed the ports, facilitated unprecedented growth in small and medium enterprises and placed the nation as major global investment destination.”

The opposition party said that victories of the PDP in the recent elections were incontrovertible response by the people not only to the achievements of its government in the states but also to the ideological disposition of the PDP as one genuine democratic platform where all Nigerians are free to socially express, politically aspire and economically flourish.

PDP further advised APC to stop deluding themselves with the electoral happenstance they earned by lies and propaganda in 2015 as Nigerians have now reconnected with their original political platform, the PDP, to move the nation forward come 2019.

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