The Best Politicians Start Small By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

I like that young people want to engage. I like that they want political power. But, like I have written here many times; power does not concede. Power concedes only when offered something equal or greater in return. Politics uses the bottom up approach. Power is not acquired overnight, it is built in increments. Do not get it twisted, politics is about representation. Whoever aspires to lead must earn the confidence and respect of those they wish to lead. In politics, numbers is destiny! The people must know you or those they trust, must know you. Do not think you can go it alone, if you do, you will fail and spectacularly so. Obama did not become the President of the United States from obscurity. It happened before our eyes. That speech at John Kerry’s democratic convention made all the difference. That speech launched his national campaign. Before then, he was busy working his way up the ladder, gaining people’s confidence.

When you begin the idealistic nonsense that there should be no godfather in politics, where do you want to put community and opinion leaders? They did not become leaders by staying in their living rooms to watch Tom and Jerry. They matter because they care about their community and have gained their people’s confidence. You need them to succeed. You need their approval. If they cannot work for you, make sure they do not work against you.

People must learn to eat banana before plantain. Eat small things before you look at big things. Work your way up. Become a community leader yourself. Know how things are done. You like citing George Weah; would he have become president without Charles Taylor? You are using Macron as an example; omo! Go and do your research o! That was how Pat Utomi and Dele Momodu thought they could become President just like that. Their vote tallies could not even win them a seat as councillor. They should have asked Tunji Braithwaite and Gani Fawehinmi. “Love Does Not Win Elections”; Ayisha Osori told us from her experience.

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