The Evil Empire By Haruspice

The empire of evil called the social media,

Where walls are broken and privacy invaded,
The place where restraints are collapsed
And expressions freely expressed.

The evil empire where boys screw mothers
And fathers screw daughters
And spouses live vulnerably.

A phone loaded with internet in the hand of a woman
Is an open invitation to a man who hitherto dare not talk to a woman,
But with chatting machines,
Men swim in the inboxes of women and love in abundance,
No one is left out in this infamous liberty,
Wives are comforters to strange men here
As men are havens to women.

What wives can’t get in real life,
Men are giving them inboxes,
As they gyrate in ephemeral fantasies,
Many men in this empire are hosts of obscenities to girls
And the circle rotates in endless speed.

A phone in the hands of women is an invitation to chaos,
Especially in this era of idleness
Where married women are competing with young girls in attention and attraction
And the men fooling themselves in droves.

For your sanity, never visit the inbox of anyone with a polyphonic phone, whether married or single;
Our inboxes are littered with trashes of distractions.

Frankly musing

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