Author:- Adamu Idris Manarakis

Country:- Nigeria
Language:- Nupe
State:- Niger State
LG:- Bida
Publication Date:- 2018.
Titled:- Enyabagi Nupe (Nupe Maths)
Rank:- The 1st Nigeria Indigenous book with numerals studied in West Africa by her native speakers; Nupe
Enyabagi Nupe means; “Nupe Mathematics.
” It is the first Nigeria Indigenous Language book written with numerals and studied in West Africa by her native speakers; Nupe. The book was formally written by Prof (hon) Adamu Idris Manarakis, Nupe Indigenous Writer, and the Founder of ILLEC. Also, he established the first Indigenous Languages Institute in Northern Nigeria, in 2016. He wrote the book under a tutelage of six years due to the stresses in typing the invented Numerals. “No printer” accepted to type the work. The reasons given were time consumption and lack of identified keywords for the soft landing of the Numerals.
Initially, while cross examining the book, the whole numerals look like foreign figures to the then DVC of IBBUL; late Professor Samuel Tswanya, in his office. The viewers didn’t dodge the enthusiasm too but by God’s Grace, through perseverance Manarakis was able to disseminate the system of writing Nupe Numerals thus; Ѳ, І, ц, Ш, Ԑ, Π, Ә, Γ, ᴕ, ρ, which means 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, just like the system of writing Western Arabic numerals. While others follow the suite after nine in ascending orders, thus; IѲ, ІI, Iц, IШ, IԐ, IΠ…..
The book which has 135 pages was printed in large quantities of 1000 copies. The copies are no longer available in market space except we go for more Publications if the demand meet the supply negotiation rates.
Apart from this effort, three other separate efforts were made for three voluminous books written by different authors using the Nupe digital Numerals.

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