The word Etsu Nupe became ambiguity by the youths in KinNupe as far who is to be called Etsu Nupe and why must it be a Fulani Dynasty instead of Etsu Patigi which by implication Tsuede himself is not Nupe rather “IGALA” but compelled himself on Nupencizhi due to his dual natural and artificial powers inherited from both the sides of his father and mother.


Therefore, it’s a known fact by historians or the people of history that whosoever defeats you in a war acquires anything belonging to you and this is the soul advantage Tsuede used over the innocent Nupe people vis-a-vis Fulani.


Once upon a time, when Tsuede used powers to takeaway what belongs to Nupencizhi who settled in twelve settlement of KinNupe, God Almighty also brought a Fulani clan or preacher who at the cause of fight between Etsu Jimada and Etsu Majiya also took away what their great grandfather took away from Nupencizhi in pains from them too. So, the battle is for who is more powerful takes the mantle of leadership.


However, the popular name *Tsoede* was wrongly spelled by the British Anthropologist. *Tsoede to be Etsu-Edegi and technically the affixation appeared as E-Tsu-ede-gi that stands to be Tsuede not the morph that doesn’t have origin in Nupe.* So, the etymology of Tsoede is Tsuede instead of the former.


Tsuede lived with Tsunku Mazhi or Maza his maternal uncle for some months until he migrated to Nupeko. Upon reaching there, he realized he has become of age and strength, he then summoned all the twelve village heads of Nupe settlements from *Nku, Essan, Ewu, Tafyan, Yessa, Kpandzuru, Gbara, Gaba, Kusogi, Towagi, Yida and Bida.*


All of the above village heads came except the King of Nku who was boastfully saying “he is too small to call him as his uncle and must be joking.”


Instantaneously, there appeared a stranger all shrouded with a white cloth which made everyone present agape. They inquired and the village people roared, saying, *”it is one Ndako Gboya from KUSOGI.”* Meaning the grandfather of the person called Gboya. That was a great day, albeit, lugubrious because, Edegi instructed them not to, henceforth, answer being called a king. And that he is the overall king of NUPE Kingdom as his father was the overall Atah Gara kingdom.




In 18th Century, the Government has been changed to Manko’s Dynasty. Usman Zaki the first son of Manko became the successor to the old Nupe Kingdom, with its headquarters in Bida, Niger State. The head of the state then was the Etsu Nupe, considered the leader of the Nupe people.

He was the first Emir in Bida to become Etsu Nupe (“King of Nupe”). He introduced this title in 1856, during his second term as Emir, defeating his rival Malam Umar Bahaushe, a Fulani man. The title was proclaimed during the civil war of Nupe in 1847, which lasted until 1856.


Therefore, Nupencizhi have Traditional States Before the existence of democracy.


Nupe kingdom founded in 12th Century but was later re-founded politically in 1531 by Tsuede or Edegi in 15th Century.


The title of TSUNKU the head of Nupe confederation from 12th Century to 15 Century.


*The Lineage of Ndagba egi Ndafyanya (Agba bin Annafi) Ruled for 257 years.*


1. Tsunku Gibigi,

2. Tsunku Manman Gana,

3. Tsunku Mazhi or Maza.


*The title of Etsu Nupe from Tsuede or Edegi Dynasty. Ruled for 311 years.*

Names. Capitals. Years. Duration.


1. Tsuede or Edegi – Nupeko. 1512 – 1521. 9 years

1. Tsuede or Edegi – Gbara. 1521 – 1580. 59 years

2. Ishanba Mokwa. 1580 – 1589. 9 years

3. Zagunla Mokwa. 1589 – 1624. 35 years

4. Jigba Mokwa. 1624 – 1669. 45 years

5. Manman Wari Gbara. 1669 – 1678. 9 years

6. Abdullawuya. Gbara within 1678. few months

7. Aliyu Zhiman. 1678 – 1699. 21 years

8. Sachi Gana Mache Zhiman. 1699 – 1708. 9 years

9. Idirisu Ibrahim. Zhiman. 1711 – 1715. 4 years

10. Abdull-wari (Tsado). Gbara 1715 – 1719. 4 years

11. Abubakar Kolo. Gbara 1719 – 1740. 21 years

12. Jibirilu. Zhiman. 1740 – 1744. 4 years

13. Muazu (1st Reign) Zhiman. 1744 – 1757. 13 years

14. Zubairu Jiya I Zhiman 1757 -1765. 8 years

15. Illiyasu. Zhiman. 1775 – 1781. 6 years

16. Muazu (2nd Reign). Gbara 1781 – 1800. 19 years

17. Ali Kolo Tankali Zugurma 1800 -1804. 4 years

18. Muhammadu Manman Raba. 1804 – 1805. 1 year

19. A serious war between Jimada & Majiya II Gbara. 1805 – 1806. 1 year

19. War continues in separate towns btw Jimada & Majiya. Zhima/Raba. 1806 -1823. 17 years

20. Majiya II defeated Jimada. Raba. 1823 – 1831. 8 years

21. Idirisu Gana I (son of Jimada) Ragada 1823 – 1839. 16 years

22. Muazu (son of Idirisu Gana) Ragada 1839 – 1856. 40 years


In 1856 Fulani has already taken over the Dynasty despite Tsuede’s Dynasty unacceptance


23. Yissa (son of Muazu held hostage in Bida). 1856 -1871. 15 years

23. Yissa (son of Muazu went back to Gbara). 1871 – 1872. 1 year

24. Idirisu Gana II (son of Yissa_ 1st Etsu Patigi) 1898 – 1900. 2 years.


Sources; Kawu 1990, Salahu 2003, Ibrahim 2010 & Dauda 2013.


*Etsu Nupe of Mandendo or Manko Fulani Dynasty.*


1. Etsu Nupe Usman Zaki – 1856 to 1859 3 years

2. Etsu Nupe Masaba -1859 to 1873. 14 years

3. Etsu Nupe Umaru Majigi -1873 to 1884. 10 years

4. Etsu Nupe Maliki -1884 to 1895. 11 years

5. Etsu Nupe Bubakar Egi Masaba-1895 to 1901. 6 years

6. Etsu Nupe Muhammadu Makun-1901 to 1916. 15 years

7. Etsu Nupe Bello Tsado-1916 to 1926. 10 years

08. Etsu Nupe Saidu -1926 to 1935. 9½ years

9. Etsu Nupe Muhammadu Ndayako -1935 to 1962. 27 years

10. Etsu Nupe Usman Sarki-1962 to 1969. 6½

11. Etsu Nupe Musa Bello- 1969-1975. 6½

12. Etsu Nupe Umaru Sanda Ndayako-1975 to 2003. 28½

13. Etsu Nupe Yahaya Abubakar- September, 2003 to date.



*Adamu Idris Manarakis niw,is a Nupe Language Professor Honourary, and Tashiru Nupe & Founder / Director ILLEC



*Sources; S.F Nadal 1946, Alh. Idirisu Gana 2003, and Dauda Ibrahim 2013.*

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