Name:- Hon. Prof. Adamu Idris Manarakis niw

Institute:- ILLEC, Minna, Niger State.
Book Review:- Ndagi be Nnagi (Nupe Novella),
Date of Birth:- 06-05-1988.
Number:- 07031649587
Adamu Idris Manarakis niw (Tashiru Nupe & Director ILLEC) was born in Kpakungu, Minna, Niger State. He hails from the ancient city of Bida in Niger State. By the grace of God, he is the founder of the 1st Nupe Language School that was established on 19-11-2016. The school later metamorphosed into the 1st Indigenous Language Institute in Niger State.
As an Indigenous Language and Culture expert, he invented and wrote the 1st Nupe Mathematics book with its Numerals. He also passionately writes Nupe poems, history, fiction & nonfiction stories, and articles. He is a Nupe Language Tutor and Translator, a Radio Presenter and Broadcaster with Prestige FM Radio Minna and a committed Lecturer in the Department of Nupe Language, Niger State College of Education, Minna.
Manarakis also happily ventures into publishing of Nupe newspaper on a monthly basis. He started this noble exercise on 01-01-2017 and till date, he has been tirelessly serving his audience with different delicious contents. Also, to his credit, is about 30 books in Nupe language which bear his name. He also inspired, edited and played one role or the other towards the publication of about 50 Nupe books written by mentees in his Nupe Learning Centre.
Additionally, Adamu Idris Manarakis is humbly a recipient of the following meritorious awards:
1. The first Nupe Language Professor (Honourary) from Smart International Academy, USA.
2. Officially recognized and turbaned by his Nupe community as the Tashiru Nupe.
It took me 3 years to raise #65,000 to produce this book in the year 2013. It’s my first story book ever. It’s TITLED: Ndagi be Nnagi (The Ember Under The Snow).
The Basic Analysis of the time and unit words used in putting up the 2,104 words book together are as follows:-
6 ———– Months
26 ———- Weeks
183 ——— Days
4392 ——–Hours
263,520 ——Minutes
15,811,200 —-Seconds.
Total Number of words used 2,104
7,515 seconds for each word
125 minutes for each word too
2 ~ hours for each word.
I started teaching primary 5 class. So, I like telling stories. The idea of writing a work-book for Nursery pupils came to me in 2008, immediately after my SSCE. I published almost 10,000 copies of the Nursery work book before joining ANA, Niger State Chapter, in 2011.
At ANA, the then State Chairman chased me due to my appearance as a non-creative writer, but BM Dzukogi, intervened immediately. He called me back. He said “Let him be our member, he will learn here…”
So, I took that as a challenge. I went to buy books written by NANI BOY. Each of those story books were 100 Naira. I bought 5 for a start.
I was told by a friend that plagiarism led most writers to prison, so, I was afraid to copy from any book. I tried by all means to avoid it.
My teacher, Mallam Hassan Usman Bosso, advised me to write a short story about anything of my choice and I did my best to please him.
One night, I thought of a true life story that happened somewhere in Chanchaga, Minna. The story was on matrimonial life. You know, matrimonial life is a life of imprisonment when it is not blessed with issues. It is only patience, prayer and hope that will win freedom for the childless.
So, “Ndagi was the husband of Nnagi who was barren and faced all sorts of contempt from Ndagi’s family. She stood firm in perseverance and in the end, victory was hers.”
FACE TWO (The Book itself)
Ndagi was the husband of Nnagi who died as a result of post-natal complication. The child they had was named after Prophet Musa, due to the length of time they spent in childlessness. He had never know the value of his deceased wife until 3 days after her death. Nnagi was very obedient to her husband and respected his family too. Her husband’s family did not regard her as anything, inspite of how faithful she was to them. Ndagi is a hot-tempered fellow, & some-what ingrate.
On a Monday morning, Nnagi was woken-up by a deep knock at the door. It was Ndagi who had come to trouble her again. He got into her room where she was resting and began to rain abuses on her. He condemned her, when ever he was moody, and over redacted to her detriment all the time. Ndagi was doing all that because Nnagi could not bear him a child.
Nnagi bowed before him and remained on her kneels placating him befor he finally pushed her down angrily. She was never dettered by his behaviours towards her. All she was after was to make peace rein ants comfort her husband with happiness. She stood up with her voice as cold as ever and went closer to him with songs of love for him to pacify. Ndagi shouted, “get-out of my way, wawa, eginyacin, lalace, chidless, dont ever come my way, otherwise I will stab you to death. Go to the street and see little girls with even unwanted pregnancies, they are more important than you that can not lay an egg, let alone give birth to a child. You knew, you had a womb problem from your home, why didn’t you tell me? Now, filling me with different types of tales (Che, che, che, che… It’s not your fault, then whose fault it is?).”
Nnagi, a very good wife could not utter any odd words rather, remained quiet.
Twenty minutes later, Nnagi went back to him in tears, pleading for his forgiveness, for the entire fault that is not theirs. It was followed by sorrow songs.
* Egide nya Soko yi o, wunga de o wunman a ya cincin u!*
She panted drawing closer to her husband, still in tears and the tears even falling on her husband’s laps. (Unnnnnn, Wuuuuuu…) Ndagi became remorseful then apologized and began to fondle her to stop crying. Nnagi was surprised to notice this sincere change in her husband.
Five months later, Ndagi came back from the office on a Tuesday evening & saw something strange from far, he rushed to his wife to rescue her. He asked her with a strong voice, “I don’t understand what is wrong with you? ” Nnagi replied paifully “am pregnant.”
“My dear, do I look like C. Ronaldo, the fastest forwarder in the world?” Nnagi replied, “Am pregnant!”
Ndagi who had never allowed his wife to ride with him on his motorcycle before, quickly rushed to his motorcycle and took his wife to Madan Fati’s house for a medical test.
Few hours later, Madam Fati came-out to confirm…. “Your wife needs some moments of rest & the baby too”. “Noh, Noh, No… problem” he said in a stammering tone.” Ndagi was exhilarated and expressed his gratitude to God, jumping like a five year old baby.
What a world! Now I can be called a father…!
The story continues….

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