Tribute to Femi Oyetola on his birthday By Ismail Omipidan

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I have encountered a few first families in my life. But my encounter with Mustapha Sule Lamido, son of former Jigawa State Governor, Alh. Sule Lamido, changed my perception about children of governors. Humble. Smart. Respectful. I had thought it would be my last close encounter with children of first families until August last year when providence brought me to Osun.

I resumed on August 5, just a few days to Sallah. I was still trying to settle down, trying to know the family. One morning, on Sallah day, he just approached me and said “Our CPS, I know you don’t know me. I have heard a lot about you. Congratulations on your appointment. I am Femi” And that was how another relationship began.

From the day I introduced my kids and wife to him in Abuja, he never calls me without asking after them.

Mr. Femi is hardly around Osun. He minds his business in Lagos. I laugh each time I read false reports about things he knew nothing about being ascribed to him. His father, my principal, is well brought up. Ditto, Her Excellency, the mother of the house. You can never find Femi and his siblings around corridors of power the way people of similar status would have been behaving.

Smart, humble and respectful, Femi Oyetola is an example of an enterprising youngman desirous of charting a way for himself despite being born with a silver spoon.

FM, as I fondly call you, as you add another year today, I pray Almighty Allah continues to watch over you and ease your affairs for you. Aseyi se amodun, my dear brother.

FM, congratulations to you, once more!

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