UBEC’s Bilingual Education and National Development, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF.

Bilingual Education development is germane in the current dispensation, particularly with the current technological order and dispensation, therefore the need for supports both locally and internationally towards quality basic education cannot be overlooked.


Apart from meeting the basic requirements for the transformation of basic education in Nigeria, the Bilingual Education was desirable, so as to streamline teaching and learning not only in the core areas in the country, but other areas that could contribute to international relationship between countries.


In that vein , the Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC in Nigeria has coordinated programs that will promote Bilingual Education for 2012-2015 from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to the tune of $98M, with pilot program in some states of the Federation .


The availement, subject to to repayment after the stipulated tenor by the beneficiary states will attract the establishment of 30 specialised boarding schools across the states to be funded from the grant.


The states cut across the regions in Nigeria included Adamawa, Borno , Gombe in the North East region, with Kaduna, Kano, in the North West, while Kwara, Nassarawa, Niger fell into the North Central as well as Osun state in the South West region of the country.


The aims been coordinated and encouraged by UBEC was not only meant to establish Bilingual Education, but to further encourage Basic Education enrollment in schools across the country, as well as forestall the scourge of Out or School Children (OOSC ), and simultaneously exposed would be learners to the information and communication technology (ICT), across the country.


Further more, the major components of the new area been coordinated and collaborated by UBEC will give access to Basic education, improvement of quality and enhancement of management of capacity of school administrators.


These two components of the new area of Education will further play dual roles of improving both learning and transfer of learning from the teachers , administrators to the learners in Nigeria.


The IDB $98M financed basic Bilingual Education project is expected to also divest into real estate project known as ‘Awqaf and Istisnaa’ real estate project and business incorporated to provide sustainable income for the program to run seamlessly.


To ensure strict implementation and execution of the new area, UBEC as the coordinating organ had embarked on awareness and sensitisation program that inundated the benefiting states , stating the level of implementation, it’s implications, prudent management of the resources, effective implementation, as it will be subject to repayment of the funds made available to benefiting states, so as to make the program a revolving arrangements.


Elated by UBEC sensitisation and awareness, the benefiting states had indicated interest and willingness to key into the new program to enable learners across the states key in into the Bilingual Education program.


UBEC under the leadership of Dr Hamid Bobboyi had indicated the willingness of the commission to tackle headlong policies and programs, that will have direct bearing on the lives of the pupils with the Inculcation of Basic Education programs of all forms and shapes including the Bilingual Education.


With UBEC supports and coordination, no doubt the program will attract both local and other foreign interventions capable of galvanising both learners and administrators in the new field.


The commitment of the commission along with other critical stakeholders in the Education sector ranging from Commissioners for Education and Finance, SUBEB Chairmen, Heads of Projects Management Units, Tsanganya , Arabic and Islamic Education agencies from the benefiting states.


The UBEC Management committee , representatives of the Federal Ministries of Education and Finance including that of the donor agency, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).


Attracted by the new program of Basic Education enrollment, will be the interventions in the resolution of OOSC and ICT program in the core foundation areas.


Yusuf writes from Abuja and can be reached on [email protected].

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