UNGA,SDGs and Nigeria’s Expectations, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

Few days to September billed for the 78th United Nations General Assembly UNGA annual global convention , which Nigerian was known to playing a leading roles in many areas particularly the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, it will be germane to have a substantive SSA to the President on the program in view of the leading roles it had played towards driving the decade of action , the 2020-2030 Agenda.

Obviously, under the leadership of the previous handler, powered by Princess Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire who pioneered the SDGs programs, for consecutive seven years, programs and policies of the global body domesticated in Nigeria had been semaless both at the Federal, State and Local Government level known as subnational level, to the conviction of the CSO’s, Private Advisory Group PSAG, and to the admiration of the Federal Lawmakers who domiciled their constituency projects that was relatively in line with the 17 goals of action.
Following the numerous launching both at home and the last 77th UNGA to the excitement of member nation initiated by the SDGs leadership in Nigeria, that was geared towards guaranteeing continuous sponsorship of the program beyond 2030 , the INFF powered by the giant of Africa and leading domesticator country for the program, was a new chapter in the activities of the program across the globe.
Under the leadership of Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire the numerous launching including the maiden one in Africa as the first to realign the National Statistic System NSS, in collaboration with National Bureau of Statistics NBS to enable SDGs leverage on priority programs and a template towards guarantee other government departments, agencies and Ministries take cue from the newly initiated program.
Going beyond the confines of the SDGs decade of action, SDGs collaborated with AUDA-NEPAD to move the country’s development towards 2063, having achieved similar goals and feat.
The pioneer leadership launched a special program on Education and Health, Goal 3 and 4 after the attainment of higher feat in the two critical areas, that boarders on provision of social services across National and Sub- National level .
These was away from Conditional Grant Scheme CGS to some states in the six geopolitical zones across the country, ranging into billions to address Sanitation, Water, Education, Health and other social services across the states.
The launching of SDGs model earlier in the program had facilitated it’s activities in all ramifications covering the 17 goals of the program.
The SDGs under Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire had prioritized post COVID-19 activities in line with the UN SDGs and fully domesticated in Nigeria, as it embarked on post COVID-19 rehabilitation program across the 109 Senatorial districts and 360 House of Representatives that encouraged Federal Lawmakers into providing post COVID-19 program to mitigate the debilitating effects of the COVID periods, and lockdown as well as other side effects.
The wholistic reforms and supports to the healthcare facilities and institutions in Nigeria after COVID was unique in all ramifications, as at the twilight of the last administration, SDGs was still busy commissioning hospitals both at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level to provide and discourage medical tourism.
SDGs Adefulire had provided thousands of school buildings across the country that had gave credence to the supports SDGs programs in the country had advanced with no exceptions, to both Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education in the country.
Not minding the adequate provision towards skills security, in the last seven years, the program had provided model skill and acquisition programs, capacity building, skill development and empowerment across the country, that had become the pride of the international communities.
With this laudable achievements and encouragements carried out through its full domestication, no doubt the 2023 UNGA will be desiring Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire, so as to consolidate the success already achieved in the immediate past, in the quest to achieve decade of action to the fullest.
The international politics and exposure, as well as wealth of experience of Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire will be more advantageous to the country , as the international communities and the UN SDGs preferred experienced hand in her capacity.
The success recorded by the domestication and achievements of decade of action template will be eroded, when experienced and exposed persons are not featured in the forthcoming 78th UNGA billed for September, hence the need to reappoint Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire purely on merit.
Nigeria is expecting more supports and development powered by the international communities at this period of protracted economic recession, to bridge the gap of it’s social services, economic and political security to the populace.
Yusuf, is A Public Affairs Analyst,writes from Abuja on [email protected].

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