Unwrapping the Shigidi in FCT! By Olaleye Olawale

The Yoruba say, “Whenever the Shigidi (a minor god in the form of an effigy) wants to wear humiliation like a badge of honour, it asks to be taken to the stream to bathe.

Unfortunately, there’s no time to further break that down. Minding the space is more compelling.
For those who knew or had a vague idea of the alleged humiliations Governor Sim Fubara of Rivers State, suffered in the hands of his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, before and after the polls, it was sure their honeymoon was designed to be a short one.
Unfortunately, Wike is a politician but a crude one. He is not even a retail politician. He appears more a failed student of power with an inferiority complex. His approach to power gives this away easily.
It is even worse for him because he believes in the power of money as typified in his many choices. This awful mindset prevents him from treading cautiously in many instances. Hence, he believes in absolutism.
What gave Wike the fame, power, control, and staggering influence he’s leveraged over time was his access to money, and same access is being enjoyed by someone else, albeit constitutionally.
But, the ability to balance such influence in and out of office is the difference between a powerful public office holder and a certified student of power.
Of course, with his poor temperament, Wike is beginning to expose himself outside of the office, where he enjoyed many pecks, including immunity.
The inevitable has begun in Rivers. The alleged bombing of the state assembly is a cause for concern. That’s not the end, but the beginning of what to expect in the days ahead.
Certainly, the Wike camp would respond proportionately.
To stem this tide, conversely, President Bola Tinubu would have to call his latter-day confidant to order, otherwise, there isn’t just going to be casualties from both camps at the end of the day, but the collateral damage would be a legion.
One thing is certain, though, this is not going to end well for either of the warring camps except higher authority steps in. Remember, this is Rivers!
It’s a season blockbuster. Please, take a seat, relax and enjoy it.
Fingers crossed

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