Use four Approaches to workout problems, Dr Abdulfattah advises newly graduated marriage counselors

By Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez


The 5th Graduation Ceremony of the Baynakum marriage Counseling Training course in Abuja held today Sunday July 19, 2020 at the main auditorium of Sunrise International School, Asokoro-Abuja, the Director General of Baynakum Family Counseling Centre Abuja Dr. Abdulfattah Adeyemi while advising the graduands, gave four approaches to solving problems as counselors.

Director General of Baynakum Family Counseling Centre Abuja, Dr. Abdulfattah Adeyemi

Dr. Adeyemi stated that depression was a kind of sadness that doesn’t stop or go away on time ,he said the four approaches to problem are; 1. Solve the problem, 2. Resolve the problem:- by making a resolution and agreeing to live with the problem, 3. Dissolve the problem, and 4. Evolve the problem:-by getting out of it and becoming a new being

The six newly graduated counselors are Hadiza Abdullahi, Asmau Yusuf Maibasira, Mariat Oyiza Abdul, Maryam Nnagi Ibrahim, Lateefat B. Ibrahim and Aisha Kabir Gaya.

Baynakum wing of marriage counseling training course is aimed at counseling couples, singles, widows, widower and single mothers to become marriage counselors & life coaches in their different fields of life endeavor with Certification.

The marriage counseling wing started in 2018 as an idea by its Director,Dr Abdulfattah Adeyemi in 2018 to focus on counselling, coaching and mentorship with the core aim of making marriages work.

Baynakum Family Counseling Centre has graduated 72 marriage coaches in the last two years.

our crew interviewing some of the newly graduated counselors among whom was, Mrs Hadiza Abdullahi, who expressed her feelings of joy and share her experience during the course of the training. She stated that her joining the training was to help solve personal issues and assist people so they don’t experience what she had experienced in life as a sadist.

Mrs Maryam Ibrahim who is also a graduand, advised counselors, upcoming counselors and intending counselors to step out and make the dream a reality by making impact in the society.

The Cordinator Baynakum marriage counseling training course Olayode Abdurasaq –a Marriage counselor based in Abuja, urged everyone to key into the training course and acquire the skill whether for personal development or as a career pursuit.

Dr. Adeyemi expressed his gratitude saying he felt elated and happy to be part of the people who are in-charge of the training program. He expressed deepest appreciation to the coordinator,the facilitators and those that have always been making the program a reality.

In a related development, the centre announced commencement of the online training program .

The centre can be reached on these numbers :

Call-: 08028431690 or 0806 548 5062



Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez,

Staff writer, Epistemic Consult Ltd

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