We deployed our men to NURTW Secretariat to forestall breach of Peace – FCT Police tells NLC

The FCT Police Command has reacted to the recent statement issued by the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) regarding the deployment of police personnel to the headquarters of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). The command stated that the deployment of police personnel to the headquarters of the Union was solely to avert impending blood letting and clash between two factional groups led by Tajudeen Baruwa and Basiru Agbede.

The Command said”The primary duty of the police is to ensure the safety and security of all citizens, and this includes preventing the breakdown of law and order. In situations where there are concerns about potential violence, unrest, or disputes that may escalate into violence, the police are obligated to take preventive measures to protect lives and property. The deployment of police personnel to the NURTW secretariat is not an act of interference in the internal affairs of the Union. Rather, it is a proactive step to forestall any potential violence or illegal actions that could arise from disputes within the Union.
“Comrade Joe Ajaero raised concerns about the invasion of the union and the alleged attempt to dethrone a legally elected leadership. It is crucial to emphasize that the police’s role in such situations is to ensure that disputes are resolved peacefully and in accordance with the law. If there are concerns about the legality of any actions taken, the appropriate legal channels should be pursued as Command understands the NLC’s concerns about the situation potentially escalating into violence.
“The Police will not fold its hands and allow the leadership feud between the two groups to degenerate into a break down of law and order. Also, it is the Force’s constitutional responsibility to maintain law and order.
The Commissioner of Police, CP Haruna Garba, in a statement signed by FCT PPRO,SP Josephine Adeh appreciated the misgivings raised by the NLC, assured that the personnel deployed have been tasked to be professional while carrying out their duty by upholding the principles of human rights and neutrality.

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