When His Ways is Not Our Ways… By Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice

One thing I have come to learn about religion is the mystery associated with it. No man can influence the decree of God, the Quran was apt when it says, ‘ And Allah guides whom he will to the straight path’. Q 2: 213( tail end of verse)

Somewhere in my village of Adeh in Olamaboro, this mystery happened. A boy of 19 born into a Christian family got converted to Islam willfully. No one talked to him about Islam but the sermons that blared through the public address system from the mosque. According to him, whenever the imam preaches, there was this solemn chill that permeates his body. To fulfill his inner wish, he accepted to be a Muslim.

All hell was let loose, his mother , an evangelist won’t take this – over her dead body to have her son brought up in a Christian faith convert to Islam. It was a battle for the soul of her son, and she fought it real hard. To disconnect him from his new found obsession, she relocated him to Lagos. While in Lagos, the boy grew in leaps and bounds in his new calling as he literally made the mosque his home.

Dejectedly, the mother resigned to fate as she bemoaned the mystery that had caught up with her son. The ways of the lord is a mystery package, as they say, this boy began to manifest unexplainable mysteries. First, he learned the Quran in no time, before you say as, Salam! He has memorized the Quran – all these to the chagrin of everyone. Words went round and in no time he was a darling reference of many Islamic scholars and organizations.

So fascinated by his commitment to Islam, he became entrusted with so many responsibilities. Monies were given to him to build facilities that benefit humanity. As we speak, the boy is building one of the largest orphanages in Kogi state courtesy of the benevolence of other Muslims around the world.

Now this is my story and the lesson inherent, in the village where this boy hailed from are many Muslims with very sufficient orientation of Islam but God chose a Christian boy with zero knowledge of Islam to be the ambassador of Islam! When God wants to manifest his awesomeness, he chooses the least expected and least qualified in the eyes of men.

Who you are and where you come from is never an estimation when God wants to use you. Like they say, we are mere pencils in the hands of the creator, he writes our fate how it pleases him. This boy is now the light that flashes the dark for not just his family but humanity- his calling is beyond preaching Islam but providing succor for people. Through him, individuals and organizations are giving back to the less privileged and underserved. This is God manifesting his greatness.

This scenario is not just limited to Islam, It also happens in other faiths as well and they are doing wonders in the name of God. Who you become is absolutely by the decree of the Almighty. May we be chosen and guided to the right path by the mercy and benevolence of Almighty God.

Deeply musing

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