Barrister Ibrahim Adamu Bako is a grassroots politician who has earned accolades in various political struggles during his university’s days at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.

He was a student political advocate who has written his name in gold off and on the campus.

Upon his graduation from the University, and the successful completion of his law school, Barrister Ibrahim Adamu Bako joined the mainstream politics.

He was the interim legal adviser of the defunct CPC before elected as the secretary of the party in Suleja Local Government Area.

Barrister I. A Bako has also played a central role during the formation of the APC in Suleja Local Government Area through the legacy parties forum. He has contributed immensely to the party members with his legal skills and resources. Barrister Bako also served as legal adviser to the immediate past and incoming chairman of suleja local government council Rt Hon Abdullahi S Maje. But this is not to say that he has totally abandoned the students unionism in terms of support and contributions.

Ibrahim Adamu Bako, is a successful practicing lawyer with his own personal legal firm in Suleja. He was the immediate past secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association Suleja branch, and also looking forward to chair the same association soon.

Barrister Ibrahim Adamu Bako is a philanthropist who is encouraging the youth to forward their education with his scholarship program.

Therefore, from his track record, in and off politics, you will agree with me that without disrespect to any one, he is the right person to deputize the National Treasurer of the APC. His presence there will explore various opportunities to our zone(North Central), state and local government area. Because he’s a great lobbyist, orator and a competent politiker!

May Barr. Ibrahim Adamu Bako succeed!


Abdulrahim Idris Salanke writes from Suleja, Niger state.

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