Why Ede people are today praying for Oyetola By Ismail Omipidan

Promise they say is like a baby; easy to make but difficult to deliver. But with Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, the story is different. He is delivering on the promises he made, not only to the people of Ede, the country home of his main challenger in the 2018 governorship poll, but also the entire State.


The positive testimonies from critical stakeholders from Ede is a clear indication that the people have since fallen in love with Oyetola, owing largely to his leadership and governance style.


Only in December, the Timi of Ede told the people in the presence of Governor Oyetola who was in Ede to inaugurate a road project that, “Once a government is performing and spreading the dividends of democracy, there is no point to contemplate changing such a government.”


Today, I was in Ede to honour Mr. Kunle Raji, a ranking member of the Progressive E-Group, at his late mother’s 8th-Day Fidau prayer.


Once my presence was announced, Imam Tijani Rasheed Adekilekun, Chief Imam of Ede Muslim Grammar School Central Mosque, who was speaking at the time said:”We now pray for Governor Isiak Adegboyega Oyetola because things have changed. He is paying salaries regularly. Workers are no longer hungry. We are happy with him. Tell him, we are praying for him because he is working. We see the things he is doing. The pension arrears he is trying to clear too. We pray Allah see him through the phase too successfully. ”


Once he was done, I told Waheed Adekunle, my colleague who accompanied me to the event, ‘Thank God we are working. If we weren’t doing anything, that’s how this man will dress me down in public.’


Ede people are blunt. They say it as it is. In sha Allah, we will continue to do our best to improve the quality of infrastructure across the State, in fulfillment of our campaign promises.


On behalf of Mr. Governor, let me solicit the continued support of my in-laws in Ede in particular and the State in general, as we begin our third year in office. I am confident that, in sha Allah, we will leave Osun far better than we met it by the time we are done.

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