Why Tinubu Will Not Make A Good President By Tunde Sobamowo

Tinubu is not, and cannot be a Team Player. He is always and will always, be the Team Leader. That is him, it is too late, if not impossible for him to change.

He wants to be the Bride in every wedding and the corpse in every funeral. The centre of the political universe. He took the credit for making President Buhari, president.


Tinubu will run President Buhari and other leaders of APC out of the Party as president and leader, of the party. He cannot share the limelight with anyone. He is not used to sharing the ecosystem, it must be about him.


Tinubu returned from self-exile and joined Alliance for Democracy, AD. He was not a founding member, but he tried to hijack the Party. When he didn’t succeed, he divided the party using Senator Akinfenwa. He then started Action Congress, AC, where he was the ultimate king. AC became ACN. ACN merged with CPC, APP, and others to form APC.


In Lagos, he is the State. No one can be anything without his imprimatur. Governors are his errand boys and can only disagree with him at their peril. He keeps them guessing about getting second term so he can control them fully. Only Fashola showed some independent streak. The rest are like robot. The current one is acting like a victim of a brain snatch operation.



Lagos is used as evidence of his leadership, but Lagos is the chief reason why he should never be president and the leader of the country and party. He will become a permanent sole administrator in Nigeria as he is in Lagos. Lagos is the smallest State in the country. Without traffic congestion, and with good roads, there is no place that will take over one hour to reach. Lagos is currently making over N45B monthly as IGR. If allocation from the Federation Account is added, we will be talking of over N46B. But the issue is Lagos has nothing to show for this huge resources. It has no good roads in major parts, it cannot stand 10 minutes rain without being flooded because of poor drainage or lack of it, it is dirty, less than 40% of residents have pipe-borne water, it has no airports or seaports of her own( poorer States) have these things. The airports and seaports in Lagos were built by the FG. Lagos has built only 2 or 3 bridges- Aja and Ogba. Almost all the bridges in Lagos were built by the FG. The State is largely a slum. Like Femi Falana said, only few people are feeling the impact of the wealth of Lagos.



As Governor, he had 3 deputies. Kofo Bucknor, Femi Pedro, and the former chairman of the party who was his last deputy for 3 months. Fashola had 2 deputies- Sarah Sosan and Joke Adefulure. Tinubu made the change because of his desire for maximum loyalty. Sarah we were told, supported Fashola against Tinubu when he sought to deny him second term as he did to Ambode, and she was replaced.



Why are his commencement associates leaving him in droves? Control. No one can overtake him or aspire to be like him. He is an Emperor and his words are laws. Anyone who does not bow to him is a traitor, and it does not matter that he is a serial traitor.



Maya Angelo said if someone showed you who he is, believe him the first time, don’t be deceived. Tinubu is who he is. He cannot change. He is already taking shots at the party and the President. Ask Pa Adesanya, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Pa Reuben Fasoronti, Pa Ajasin, and many others, those alive will tell you about him.



Everything he does is about Tinubu. In 2011, he supported Buhari/Bakare ticket on the conditions that Bakare will sign an undated resignation letter, so he can become Vp after the election. Bakare refused and Tinubu sold out.


He wants to be president because he wants to fulfil his personal life-long ambition- it is not about Nigeria- it is about Tinubu. Don’t let Tinubu happen to Nigeria. Please

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