2022 Customer Service Week: CICRM President ,Aliyu ilias felicitates Nigerians   ….. says every Customer deserves a good experience

The President,Chartered Institute of Customers Relationship Management,Dr Aliyu ilias has congratulated Nigerians on the occasion of 2022 Customer Service Week.


Aliyu ilias is also the CEO of Nigeria Customer Service Awards Limited,the organizers of Nigeria Customer Service Awards in statement released to journalists in Abuja said every customer deserved a good experience,urged Customers to also address service providers with courtesy.


He then wished Nigerians a Happy Customer Service Week.



The statement read in part;


“It is another customer service week where customer-centric organizations show appreciation to customers by providing candies and cake within their premises for customers to pick and enjoy, beyond this gift, the main reason for customer service week is to celebrate staff that took the pain and pleasure to satisfy customers. if you have been a customer service representative or your responsibility involves facing customers, you will agree that every customer representative needs to be celebrated, especially in a clime where customer abuse is more prominent, such clime that most customers think they are better than the cashier because he or she works in a Bank, Supermarket or Hotel etc.


“This year’s theme is celebrate service. Since the pandemic began, customer service representatives never stopped serving customers at the risk of their health and other baggage they also have to manage while serving customers.


“Customer service awards limited has deepened the need to celebrate service in Nigeria over the last 10 years by organizing a befitting customer experience conference yearly, the conference has been educating organizations on how to provide a good turnaround time, ensure a customer-friendly process that increases customer satisfaction, creating an ambiance that fit the services and ultimately trains Nigeria on culture and attitude that create a good customer experience


“The 2022 Nigeria customer experience management conference is scheduled to hold on 6th October 2022 at the Barcelona hotel Abuja, the theme for the conference is: Maximising customer data analytics in Nigeria, it is open to customer experience experts, customer service managers, marketing managers, and chief executive officers, etc.


“Nigeria Mystery Shoppers Provider has also created an effective service check through mystery shopping and reward companies that raise the bar of service delivery in Nigeria, a lot of requests also come for NMSP from companies that desire effective and efficient service delivery that lead to a favourable profit base.


“Every customer deserves a good experience and will in turn remain loyal to the brand that provides excellent customer service, though Nigeria has not got to a point where experience will be considered compared to prices, however, if a Nigerian experiences bad service he will not complain to the company but tell people around him about the bad experience and never return to buy from the company, this has killed a lot of companies and such companies suffer more during the pandemic and they are out of business


“As the customer service week begins on Monday 3rd October 2022 companies are expected to be strategic in serving customers with a little gift and make it memorable till 7th October 2022 and beyond.


“Happy customer service week”


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