2023 : Even as Igbo Woman, GYB is My Choice for President. By Ngozi Preciliar

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One of the numerous problems why this nation is moving in cycles is because leadership don’t really change hands.


It’s either the old politicians keep coming back, or their children, nephews, cousins and uncles who are also old in age, to fill different positions of authority.


This is the reason you see them doing the same thing over and over again expecting to see different results. This is the definition of madness! Madness is doing something same way and expecting a different result!!


A few individuals outside of the circle of the “Old” and quite younger have emerged in the past only to get frustrated, rejected even before the ballot, and some haunted for taken such a bold step.


Indeed, the tussle was too much for them.


Too many questions were asked: Who is he? Which part of the country? Who is his Father? Or godfather? Which religion? Too sad.


Tell me, is any of these questions a prerequisite to contesting an election in Nigeria? Does any of these questions has anything to do with merit, quality, virtue, capability, skill, fitness, aptitude, proficiency, competency, and know-how?


There are a few striking things about Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state.


The fact that he is young, energetic, courageous, experienced in governance, detribalized, not a religious bigot, skilled, bold, and a stronger negotiator.


A passionate driver of vision, a strategist, a diplomat, one that has an understanding of the times, The only Governor that has the highest Youth and Women inclusion in his cabinet.


This man did not come from any recycled old politicians.


His name and hands are not soiled! No corruption charges, no immoral charges, etc.


I strongly believe that Governor Yahaya Bello is destined to lead this country to greatness.


He may not have realized this fact while he yielded to pressures to contest, but I speak for posterity sake! The people are tired of seeing same faces, same names emerging as their leaders.


They are tired of leaders being forced on them through political rigmarole.


I am not a politician and I don’t plan to be one. I am not from Kogi, but I am a Nigerian, Igbo by tribe and from Ananbra state.


I haven’t also met him but I can see his steps, his style, his confidence, his interventions, his projects, his love for the youths and women, etc which made him totally different from what we used to know and see amongst Governors.


No wonder the accolades he has received from both local and international bodies over the last few years.


This is what this country need right now. A very bold, young, accommodating, versatile and sometimes radical person.


In Kogi State, non -indigenes are given appointments into different government offices, women were elected as the vice chairman, council leaders at the local Government level and as ward councillors, the downtrodden, the physically challenged persons are identified and given appointment and jobs.


This blew my mind because It has never happened anywhere in this country before now.


I carefully put all these thoughts together and come to a conclusion that His Excellency GOVERNOR YAHAYA BELLO is the real change we long desire and only one who can unified us as a nation.


He is our answer come 2023.


It’s time therefore to decide for a change.


Nigeria will be a great country if we have a leader without religious and ethnicity differences, a leader that sees positivity in everyone not minding their gender, age, tribe and section, a fearless leader!


Nigeria is a great nation with great people.


I Ngozi have Decide for GOVERNOR YAHAYA BELLO as my President, I enjoin you to do same today.


He can indeed transform this country if given the opportunity. YES HE CAN!



Ngozi Preciliar is a Business woman and a leader of Igbo Heritage woman, Lagos.

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